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    Why do most images of Jesus portray him as being more from Eurpean stock, rather than Jewish, or Middle Eastern parentage.

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    He was Italian like me.. Everyone knows that. heck, he drove a black caddy and drank wine, He could feed thousands with one fish, nobody knew how he did that, we Italians know. He was a soft spoken guy, had an entourage 12 dudes that were his body guards and one stool pigeon (judas) that squawked and hung himself.. (so the scriptures say-- i think he hung himself with at help of the other 11 bodyguards. The bodyguards- Italian also, went out to start their own business, most went into the 'olive oil business' some went into construction building huge churches they used as hangouts and- as Italian egos persist, they even named these church places after their own names, where Pete the oldest and wisest, built his in Rome where he could be close to his olive oil business.. The others went on also to start their own families, we have 5 of them in the USA, 3 in New York 2 in Chicago. They now have olive oil business world wide., las vegas started as oilve oil business.. Someone flipped a coin and there you have the rest of the story..

    and there you have it..

    You know you're going to get TD's for this, right? LOL

    Was it Pete or Paul?

    Yeah, I know-- They will shoot me down bigtime but I don't think Jesus was a boring lifeless bore, I think he had a sense of humor and would probably laugh.

    Pete.. peter built the St Peters cathedral in the Vatican-- S'posidly, it is built over a relic belonging to him, this relic could be his body, I don't know..
    mostly to do with early european artist.they only interpet his face according to their culture,i'm sure if you went greece for example you would find a picture more vandictive to their culture. truth is no one alive today knows what his face looks like...unless of cource it's on their screen door!

    What about the USA? They make him look like a white man yet we are a mix of races. Who voted to make him a white man?

    who else the white house

    I have seen exactly what Colleen is talking about, blond hair and blue eyed Jesus, kneeling and praying, with the light shining down on him from the clouds.

    Such an unrealistic portrayal of what Jesus actually looked like, I mean he was Hebrew, probably dark skinned, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes, maybe even a larger nose.

    And daren, many of the really older pictures of Jesus, the artists used the shroud to get a likeness of what the real Jesus looked like. You know the ones where he has a long face and defined wrinkles on his forehead.

    I have painted a picture of Jesus on the cross, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, so I made his face badly disfigured from the horrible beatings that he took.

    It's a very bloody version, not the ordinary glowing pretty Jesus you usually see in paintings.

    perhaps your version speaks volumes .if i wanted something sugar coated i'd buy a donut
    I've always wondered that also,the timing and location of his birth are a give away to what he really looked like,which consisted of dark skin and hair of wool.Blue eyes? I definitely think not.
    I think the image doesn't really matter becoz I beliv it was God living in Him,there4,the spirit in Him was more important than the image/flesh

    I think someone was prejudice and was slighting darker skinned folk. Too bad you're too closed off to see that. Every day one of you manages to show me just how closed off from humanity your religion makes you. If skin color did not matter to God, it would not exist.

    Well,Colleen you sound like you do beliv there's a God which means you either beliv in the Koran or the Bible.I beliv in the bible & according to its teachings every person consists of two beings(ie the Physical & the Spiritual)Thats what am talking about.So,instead of your judgements & opinions,teach us what you beliv in so we can know where you are coming from & probably understand you view point

    I believe in neither the koran nor the bible. The only place assuming got you was wrong.

    Yes,I do believe in God. I do not teach so I will not teach you. I will share my beliefs however since you asked.

    Every SOUL has two bodies. We are Soul, not people. People defines the physical body which is not our true self. Soul resides with in the astral body. The astral body resides with in the physical body. The astral body (containing Soul) is what is used to transport Soul to the lower heavens after the death of the physical body. Yes, I said heavenS. Even your bible says heavenS, as in more than one heaven. God resides in the highest heaven. Only pure Souls will know him there. Soul is a particle of God. Soul comes from God. When Soul is made pure and is ready to rejoin God, then it sheds it's astral body so it can enter the Godhead and become a part of God again. That's what I believe about that, which has nothing to do with why ignorant men changed the color of Jesus's skin.

    You choose to look beyond the physical body out of ignorance. You will ignore a fact about skin color because of your pious nature that says, it does not matter if mankind suffers because of what people think your God looks like. THE IMAGE MATTERS! IT MATTERS A GREAT DEAL! People have suffered because of it! White men who considered themselves superior over dark skinned men made sure Jesus was portrayed as a white man. Why? So they could be like the son of God. So they could make the claim they looked like God so they were God's people, not the "darkies" (I use one of their word of ignorance to prove a point about their superiority complex, these believers of Christ). The "darkies", they called spawns of the devil because their skin was not white like the white skin of their "savior". Why do you think Hitler tried to create the superior human race of blond haired, blue eyed people? Why do you think he killed dark skinned people? Because that's what Jesus has been portrayed to look like! Blond hair and blue eyes. Hitler created his own religion but he still recognized Jesus as son of God. If you had an ounce of humanity in you instead of believing you are so great and wonderful because you God drop every other word, you'd see how the false depiction of your God has been used to destroy the lives of other people of God. You are a religious extremist. You've immersed your life so far into the bible that you've removed yourself from humanity. To ignore prejudice is to give it power. You ignore it, you give it power all the while believing you are a good little sheeple of God. You are selfish. You see only what makes you happy and care not about others happiness. Yes, I judge you for being a false follower of God's love. God loves ALL his Souls, not just the white ones. God created ALL skin colors. Skin color matters to him, even if it does not matter to you. If you had an ounce of humanity in you, you would have understood what I was saying instead of giving yourself an excuse for being blind to prejudice.

    Well Colleen,thats a mouthful of words.However,my belief goes beyond believing becoz I have seen & witness the Name of Jesus working(ie Healing illnesses such as AIDS,CANCER,casting out demons etc)Some Non-Believers think this is Magic but I know healing by magic power is not permanent.Healing in the name of our Lord & saviour is PERMANENT & leaves behind no doubts that you are indeed healed.See,for us its not jst the Skin pigment or the plentifulness of melanin in one's body but the Soul & spirit leaving in a body.The spirit of Jesus(ie of our God)lived then,it lives now & forever.And the works of his spirit are so evident that if really you are looking for the truth you will find it.Find out what other pipo beliv in by reading & understanding what they beliv in,otherwise,what ud be the point of Judging & criticing them If you dont know the source of the strength of their belif.Are you scared of being converted?My God works wonders,hope yours does the same too,otherwise,if he doesn't whats the point of believing in Him? Find out whether the God you beliv in is true.For example,what is his evidence in your life or are you speaking from without?I can paint myself black Jesus,but what will I achieve if my Soul & Spirit are inclined to the devil,So Yes we are Humans but it matters what we feed to our spirits becoz it is the Spirit that is going to be Judged.

    Are you sure it's Jesus and not your Satan causing all these "miracles"? just to keep you following his path?

    I do not believe Jesus is a God. I believe he was God's messenger for THAT era. I believe he died because he broke man's laws. I do not believe he ever said, I die for the people's sins. Hogwash! I believe you are praying to a false God. Why would I convert to follow a false God when I look to and hold in myself the real God, the God who created Jesus the man to send Him to turn the people's attention back to God and NOT TO HIMSELF. Jesus NEVER, EVER claimed to be God. NEVER! Man made him a God. Satan (if you believe in him) rules this world. Are you REALLY sure, Satan himself didn't help write your bible?

    None of what you wrote explains why you're a bigot. It just explains why you prefer to stay close minded and shut off from humanity.

    Yes,You dont beliv Jesus is God becoz you dont even have a slight understanding of what it means.So,I pray that,whether the god you beliv in is true or not,oneday you will have an encounter with God almighty & He will reveal to you the truth.Until then,may God be with you

    I have all the understanding of what it means. It means someone used Jesus (who do you think that was?), made him a God so others would worship him and take their attention away from the real God. The God they threw away when they wrote the NT. Jesus never claimed to be God. NEVER. The very fact that I exist, proves God is with me. God resides within me, not on a plastic cross hung around my neck like your god. When are you people going to stop leaving your God hanging on a cross he was never on in the first place? He was nailed to a stake, not a cross. Nothing in your book is real. As you told me, the same goes for day when you go to meet your God Jesus, he will reveal the truth to you, that he is not God. I hope you get over your religion sickness soon. May the blessings be.

    Colleen, that was the work of the devil.
    Because people can't believe a man with dark skin could be so perfect. :) Well that's my opinion of the reason anyway.
    His image was on a cheese sandwich on ebay. It was definitely Jewish.
    Christians and non Christians alike have a problem here. That is both sides are trying to convince the other that they are right. This will never be! In a worse case scenario, Islam according to the Koran, both Christians and all believers are all infidels and should be killed at Allah's will.

    Religion is a very dangerous subject. it should be dropped by all involved in the conversations, you will not accomplish a thing but anger and frustration. Just let those that believe in these 'miracles' believ what they want, it fulfills their lives, same with the non-believers, please allow them to have the life they want. Live your lives as you see fit, do not try to alter those around you with your 'facts'..

    Any truly Godly man shall know of the doctrines of Love and Peace and willingly follow after the way of the Christos (Love Spirit; Loves path); the Christ.  Such a one is in the image of Jesus.  At this level Jesus mystically means "chosen,"  Christ means anointed.

    Thus is one chosen and anointed in the understanding of the deeper Mysteries of God, being thus blessed with "Love Consciousness," which is the awareness of God within, through His Son, Christ the Lord.   Therein comes the authority to speak in the Spirit of God.  Doctrines and Commendments of men (certifications, degrees, etc.) notwithstanding; Traditions notwithstanding,    

    Our knowledge of the depiction of Jesus comes from a famous artist's rendering based on the love of his son. It is what we've come to view as our understanding of what he looks like.

    However, as there are none alive today to give us a clear understanding of Christ's stature, we rely on the Book of Revelation for its few details: hair like wool, color: white. Angry eyes; described as "flames". Dark skin, the color of bronze, mouth with cutting words described as a "double edged sword" and he countenance is brilliant.

    Your sister,

    But Segatash of Kibeko and other seers gave a very comprehensive description of Jesus' looks.
    Margret Mary said St. John the baptist was "tall but not as tall as Jesus"

    We are Soulful only as long as the "Spiritual Will" remains with the Immortal Soul, then does one ever abide in the Everlasting, thus is one in the image of Jesus, a perfected man, who reflected the Light of the GOOD our God.

    But should that great power of Spiritl be given ignorantly over to the body/personality which are ruled by the desires of the senses of the world, then it is in great danger of becoming mortalized.  If then it does not repent the error, it becomes mortal, and dies with the body.

    This is the loss of that individuated Soul consciousness, that spark of God which is the very Life, a part of God, that was the umerited gift of God to men from the beginning.   Be Good be safe :)  Amen

    Let them that are able hear and receive it who can.  Amen

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