do u think bin laden was really buried at sea???

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    No, I do not believe he was killed by the SEALS and buried at sea. I do however believe he died years ago. I believe this whole story was created to try and bolster Obamas dismal approval points which are hopefully in the toilet again.
    obama got the vidoe to prove it hidden under his birth cirtificate
    I am certainly not an Obama supporter and I think most politician's lie through their teeth, but I do believe the Seals killed him and that he was buried at sea.
    No, and I do not believe he is really dead either but my opinion only.
    Well, I am really surprised at the answers this question has generated. I personally believe he was buried at sea and eaten then spit out by 32 sharks.

    I might believe that if at least 2 of the 7 or more stories they released about it matched even by 50%. I've seen teens create better lies.
    I agree with Colleen. Isn't it funny that B.L. is killed just when the 2012 presidential elections begins. Also this burial at sea seems fishy (pun intended) were all the sailors involved sworn to secrecy? Face it people, the government will lie to U, break laws, interpet the constitution as they seem fit, take more of our rights away under the "Patriot Act" and have the general population feel that everything is great!
    Obviously, you do not. Do I believe it? No. I think the 'story' is just being laid to rest. it's been up since the 80s. With all photos and videos taken from the 60s and 70s. How easily we bought into that! No more worry over Bin Laden. You will never see concrete proof.

    Your sister,


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