how do you spell tomorrow correctly?

    tomorrow is that spellt correct?

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    The number of questions I comment, not answer if I don't know the answer, asking people to give us the VITAL information about where in the world they are... I've lost count.

    marmite's first answer was all that was required, but I am not surprised there are more.

    I know education standards are slipping but is it really impossible for most people to type a question, or an answer, and take time to read it and see if it at least expresses what they want to say?

    "How do you spell tomorrow correctly?" is a perfect sentence, apart from the missing capital, or upper case, "H".

    little p then goes on to comment and fails to apply any grammar rules at all, or make it clear what the comment is about.

    tomorrow is that spellt correct

    Tomorrow: is that word spelled correctly?

    The question had already been asked. If he or she wished to repeat it, he or she could have looked, noticed, and removed, the extra "l" in spelt, even if he or she is unaware it is the incorrect form of the verb. He or she does know how the abverb "correctly" is used, so why not use it?

    If that sounds hard on our new questioner, it isn't intended unkindly and I will mark the question up. I could have used almost any one of the answers here as an example. The difficulty is identifying Anericans. English UK and English US are a choice on computers for the very good reason they are different.

    It is not a case of one being right and the other wrong. UK English has a strong French influence: US English does not, and tends to be more phonetic.


    i rarely use caps at start of sentences, only because ti takes me 5 minutes to write one line. your answer absolutley incredible

    Take a look at the latest question about grammar.

    It's a WONDERFUL example of how NOT to criticise:-)

    There is also an answer from Polish addriana... I don't think I've spelled her name correctly... You might like to mark her up. She's trying really hard to join in. I've started her with +15.
    Again and again we get people who ask questions requiring us to be mind readers> Where do you live for crying out loud? If you live in Australia as I do tomorrow spelt correctly is F_R_I_D_A_Y but if you live in Mexico it would be spelt T_H_U_R_S_D_A_Y. Can all you idiots, I use the word advisedly, tell what part of the world you live in when you ask a question. Please please please.

    come on don't be so pinicity,everbody knows we spell correctly, fair suck of the sav.

    Hey B/man are you on the turps? "don`t be so pinicity" don`t you mean "nitpicky"? What is this shit about how many diggers in a Brigade, Division? What have you got planned? You are not heading towards Holdsworthy are you?You might be good but you`re not THAT good.The other thing about my answer was no one realised they were having the piss taken, "How is tomorrow spelt" I kicked the side out of my craddle laughing the first time I heard that one. Have a coldie for me,
    Don't you have spell check on your computer?
    in the future they may invent a machine that can automatically check and correct spelling! what do you think? am I being to far fetched?? ;-)

    Eye do knot think sew.
    or a dictionary
    yes that is correct.

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