Who is asking most of these questions?

    I see that the majority of the new questions are asked by people with 0 Karma and then they are never heard from again. Are these real people or is there a computer that is just constantly spitting out random questions under different names to get the conversations started. Or maybe it's just one extremely lonely person who is bored.

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    I think its a riot!! The questions are really funny, 'gettys Bird' And the dumbazz that got into an argument with himself last night, that was a winner! I laughed for an hour on that one. I don't mind the funny ones but I think some of these questions that are sexually related are not only annoying they are perverted and sick.. I don't know if they are on a porn site and see our button or what but I do wish these could be filtered out.

    The kids come on, you can immediately tell they are children, we (I) need to be careful how they are answered or we are gunna be featured on 'dateline-To catch a pervert' or whatever its called. It's a fun site though, I really enjoy it.. I have a few sites i go to, one I am an administrator on, its pretty wild too.

    Yo's life? I guess being a middle school teacher I'm looking for a switch in IQ from my daily grind. It's funny though when I read some of these questions, I picture different students of mine asking the question. It's a riot. Have a great evening!

    Please don't tell me your students are as weird as some of these 'child-posters'. LOL I wouldn't last a day at your job, I'd be hysterical all day, they would have to put me in a straight jacket to keep me from clawing my eyes out.. HA!! You have a great night as well Coach!!
    Hiya Coach :)

    I think the majority asking are people who see the big button on their tool bar saying Questions&Answers. I'm pretty sure they think it's linked to the page they are on at the time. For others, they may think it's like this internet mailing system where they can ask a question and their computer just knows right where to send their question too. Then I think they sit back and wait for a phone call or a letter to be delivered providing them with the answer. Or they just can't figure out, unanswered page and answered page or just what the little red circle at the top of the screen is for. I was just explaining to someone that human beings aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed and that hopefully there is much more intelligence life out there in this huge universe.

    Hey Col :) You my be right. This is not a social site (except for you and me and some so I think that some of the newbies are lost. Oh know me...I love a teaching challenge...yeah baby!!

    Wow I just tried to TU you but it says you reached your daily cap. You busy busy girl! 500 Karma in one day? Do I need to pry you from this site dear?
    Good answer Colleen and good question Coach, I think there a quite a few youngsters here asking questions, sometime age appropriate, sometimes not.
    No coach, I think a computer spitting out random questions, would come up with much better content than what I've seen here.

    Some of them just make you laugh, that's the good side to it. It may be there are some lonely people here though. Hope you are doing great, good to see you sticking around.

    Hey Pres. Things are great and of course I'm hanging around. Busy time of year so my visits won't be as often but I'll find you.

    I was thinking about the computer part and good point...some of these questions are too stupid (and funny) to belong to a computer.

    Well, glad to hear you are doing well, good to hear from you Coach, hopefully you will have more time this summer, unless you teach summer school....
    i think the idea of an "iq" membership test would help

    LOL. But the lower IQ's are so entertaining! :D I mean, where else can you get this kind of comedy for free while sitting in your home in your "comfy clothes"?

    good point, its a cheap date
    kids shouldn't be on here. i don't think i'll answer them anymore.

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