problems on site?

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    Are you experiencing problems? If so, share them and I'll see that the admins know about them.
    I want to submit this link soon. Is anyone experiencing problems with the comments box since the worked on it to make it larger?
    answers and questions see to disappear, problem with thumbs up, regular problem of not working the board right, curiosity if i have said anything that needed to be deleted, ty ps there's probably more ... i'm sleepy. to bed! i'll try to give you a thumb up,
    I've had problems with this website (I don't see my most recent questions posted in my profile and many times when I click on anything here I get a message box asking "What should Firefox do with file: open with (or) save file"). When I tried to contact the administrator I received no reply in my email even after asking them about it twice.

    That actually sounds like an operating system error. Try updating the firefox tool bar. There might be a compatibility issue with your computer and firefox. (This is just hunch).

    As for not being able to see your most recent, I'll make sure to note that.

    Just so you know, I can see them when I check your profile page. Updating your firefox might even solve that issue for you too.

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