how do u know when ur gay

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    How do you know when you're straight? What ever answers you come up with, apply them to the same sex. Then you know you're gay.
    I say it's simple. first, let's say your female. If you are attracted to females, and females only, you are gay. If you're attracted to males and females equally you are "bi". If you are attracted to the opposite sex, you are NOT gay. By attracted, I mean "turned on" by him/her in a sexual manner.Some look at people and judge by looks.
    for ur info im not gay i just want to know the anwsers that you have
    i think you can feel it when you around men or women depending on what makes you feel that way is it the way the dress the way they act it can be a lott of things that manke men or women gay i know about this because my friend is gay

    Wow, I'm a lesbian and I have a hard time spotting other lesbians because I guess I don't know how other lesbians "dress, act, lots of other things that make them gay". Could you come visit me and we'll go cruise the streets and malls and maybe you can point them out with this expert advice on how to know who is gay and who isn't?

    Always a "friend" who is gay ;)

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