I read that those 65 and older could take college courses for credit at no cost. Is this true?

    I turned 65 in January of this year and it has been my lifelong dream to finish my college eduation. I attended college from Sept 1964 until January 1968 and dropped out due to the birth of my son. I lacked a semester to graduation but never completed it to graduate.

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    This doesn't sound true to me, there would be millions of people over 65 taking advantage of this offer if it was true. The colleges would go bankrupt if it was as they survive on tuitions being paid by students.

    Perhaps there is a special fund out there somewhere for over 65's that don't have the money to go back to college. You would have to contact a college to find out.
    I imagine it depends on where you live and your income too...I know the Chicago Transit Authority no longer will give folks over 65 free rides unless they are disabled now....cutbacks exist everywhere I'm afraid...ask around and call around wherever you live for the answer you seek...(:
    It depends on what qualifications you already have to gain financial help. As you will probably be aware, government cutbacks have hit colleges hard so you would have to ask questions at a college to suit your individual needs

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