How To Stop a Spammer???????

    I have used block ,blocked the domain ,sweep, delete and abuse @hotmail as well as abuse @yahoo .com and on and on .They change their address and just keep sending their crap. Nothing seems to work . The name of this company is CANDIAN NEIGHBOR PHARAMACY, they are criminals and a fraud selling nothing looking only for your information. They are total fraud !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why are you such a crank?

    People who dont pay attention annoy me . Read my question!!!! I have tried many things to fix my problem.Crank???? The Canadian Neighbor Pharamacy has sent 500 junk emails,who would not be annoyed????? Countless hours spent trying to resolve this with no results. Was just hoping some one here knew some thing I did not.People give answers to things they know nothing about,without understanding fully what has already been done .Why cant I simply get them out of my mail box and get on with my life,with out screwing myself in the process. I dont want to change my email address.Think I could put 500 crap emails in your box day after day and not piss you off ???? Dont think so !!!!! Your answer is based on your experience and the operating system you have. Windows stuff is for windows ,Linux is way different and the pages are very different,so whatever you think I should click or do just simply dont exist sometimes .Its that simple!!!!!!!!!

    Well, good luck. I was only trying to help you. Yeah I guess I'd be pretty annoyed by 500 junk mails from any company. Here in Australia, we can report unsolicited mail to a government site. There are big fines for doing this, but they still send them.
    Report it or change your email.

    Why do bother to answer when you dont have a clue?????? If you read the things I wrote you would see I have already REPORTED IT!!!!!!Not once but many times to many people!!! News flash they dont care,all you get is a stupid page with generic questions and useless solutions. WHY SHOULD I CHANGE WHAT IS MINE JUST TO KEEP MY PRIVACY???????? If you dont have a real solution leave me alone .

    Thanks !!!!!! I appericate the good intentions. Looks like no one here cares. To me there appeares to be no penalty for sending this spam . Situation appears hopeless for the time being.Just have to live with it ,thats sad !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for trying .Have a great day !!!!!!

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