Me and my wife split up 10 years agoand my age at this time is 47 can i still find love with a new woman or is it to late

    please quetion for women age 35 to 40 I('ll like to here what
    you have to say

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    love is ageless" age is a state of mind you dont state your age i dont mind.of cource you can find love and your age , assuming your shopping at the right market you dont go to the fruit store looking for cosmetics nor do you go to a plumbing supply center looking for electrical goods. you cant get a hit if you don't swing the bat regardless of age you can still hit a grand slam.....daralena


    You may want to broaden your scope.

    Well, excuse me for butting in, but you are making a huge mistake.
    You will find it very difficult to find love with a new woman when you put restrictions like age on who you are willing to "love". 
    With a window of 5 years (35-40), you are limiting yourself.  Why would you think a woman 12 years your junior wouldn't think you are too old for her if you think  a woman 12 years your senior is too old for you.  Do you honestly believe a 59 year old woman is not capable of loving a man emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, even spiritually?  HOW DARE YOU.
    I am 59.  I know I am not too old to find love, be loved, and love.  Whether or not I will be open- minded enough to accept the possibility of love regardless of a person's age and race is the big question. 
    Get over yourself.  Love comes in all sizes and shapes, colors and faiths, and certainly in all ages.  It's not whether or not you are too old; it's whether or not you open your heart and mind to accept. 

    Do you have any money?
    If you keep spending time on this sight you'll never make yourself available.
    I am 51 hope you do not mind me great uncle had parkinsons and then dementia so in final years did not know her and was in hospital.She got friendly with a man whos wife had the same problem after a time when both my auntie and the man had lost their partners they got married.she was about 60 then she is now 90 and he is 91 they have had many happy years together.They still enjoy holidays and are both at home together.So never give up is what i would say.
    you need to consult a psychic palm reader
    Well I'm 42 if thats okay to answer being I am two years over your required age to answer.The biggest advice I can give you is to not be jaded by your ex. Saying things about how much you hate her or what she did is a real turn off for a woman trying to get to know you.Build a bridge and get over it.Also never mind the age thing, you might well be looking for a woman who shares common interests that you can enjoy once the infatuation dies off.I also hear a lot of men with not a lot going for them are looking for the young skinny attractive girls. No offence but those ones are usually interested in someone with either lots of money or a guy that looks just as good.There is someone out there, just take a chance and try to look past all the expectations you have for finding the right one.I'm not telling you to try to be interested in a woman your not at all attracted to but look past the small flaws.Good luck!

    geeez mom great answer , What would be your ideal man to date, ?

    I agree with you but I can't answer because I am way way over the hill of answering this question...I met my husband when he was 45....tell him there is hope and age discrimination is not fashionable!
    As a woman in her thirties I would say ''yes''!It's all about making yourself available,there are women out there just like you wanting and desiring the same things as you,she's out there looking for your companionship.Go and get her!:)

    iluvJesus, gave a great answer, don't give up.
    Remember this: "Hope springs eternal." Now get out there and live and love and be happy.
    I SURE HOPE NOT!But really the only thing i can say about that is if you love yourself your capable of loving someone else. You just have to go out there, where people are, more than likely it won't come knocking on your door.
    Of course not its never too late to love

    It's too late if you have to ask.

    If you really believe in love, then no matter what your age, it's always possible, are you willing to give the love you expect to receive, and is that love worth your efforts to find, and/or reconize, when it happens

    It is never too late. Just have to run into the right one. Best of luck and God Bless.
    When you die then it's to late until then you may hit a few bumps in the road but, keep going it's going to get smoother somewhere along the way.
    Lol...good question...let me think. A sense of humour, someone who is positive and likes my kids, life adventure, spontaneous, likes motor bikes, boating, quading,physically fit(he has to keep up with me;) travelling, enjoys a good horror flick, has intelligence and independent. I am newly single so the thought of looking is out of the question for awhile, but when I am ready...look out

    Your A wonderful person mom, I like your compasion and enthusiam. I'll be looking out when your ready !! lol

    wow, I'm blushing. Thats not fair though I have no idea what you look like...unless you resemble your Thanks 12x12 that was nice of you to say;)

    I can feel your feeling better already :) I ve been told i'm handsome :D
    mom should know your's not's sexy to see a man with confidence. I am feeling better thanks...the sun keeps rising on my house every morning:)

    Your sweet Thank you

    Hurry up, you only have 33 years left to find the love of your life.

    i shouldnt be answering this as im over your stipulated age limit but im here now so what the heck?47 isnt too old to find love,not by a long shot!!!  I was 50 a couple of months ago.divorced 24 years ago,the man i was involved with after that passed away 12 years ago. I certainly wasnt looking for another relationship,was perfectly happy as i was.Not long after my last birthday i bumped into a man id known to chat to for ages though id not seen him about for a bit(if that makes sense?).We went for a coffee and a catch up ,got on like a house on fire(not literally!!)Cutting a long story short,ive now got the partner i didnt expect to have or thought i wanted.So 47 certainly isnt too old to find love!!good luck to you,one day you might just get a  suprise !Incidentally hes  5 years younger than me,but with some of his opinions youd think it was the other way round !!!

    Money always helps.

    I am a very positive person but I have to say no. I had been married all my life and at one point in the beginning was out with my girls looking for someone I guess.  But the problem is I couldnt find anyone because I didn't even know what type of man I wanted and if I wanted one at all.  Needless to say I drank that year away and am so thankful that I didn't find anyone.  I think when you jump right into arelationship you don't get the change to find out who u are and get rid of baggage that you need to get rid of first because carrying it into new relationship just won't work.  My biggest thing was I had kids all the time and I husband and when they were gone I was lost. It's been 5 years and I love. My biggest fear also was I didn't know how to date I'm 20 some years older and I just kinda gave up. But if u still believe that's what you want then go for it! goodluck


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