how can get the best way to smart

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    Read, Read, Read, wish I had done more when I was young.
    Go to, type in the required information and it will give you directions and mileage.
    STUDY, LISTEN AND LEARN with patience comes great things!!
    Hang out here, learn what you can, It will take you a couple days but you'll be smart.. These guys taught me a lot! The fun part is when these guys post an answer, you can copy it and paste it onto the next person that asks the same question and then they think you're smart too! If you're really lucky, they will even vote you up!! Sometimes the guy that originally posted the answer will vote me up because he/she thinks I am as smart as they are.. It even more fun if you copy past their answer in the same thread as the original.. :)
    mom I see what your up to...good one smart
    Between you, you said it all :-)

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