is it possible to get over post traumatic stress disorder ?

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    Why was this question left for so long it almost disappeared? Somebody somewhere in the world was awake 9 hours ago.

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    I say that from personal experience.

    I found counselling positively counter-ptoductive. The secret is not to take part in sessions that take you back to cause of PTSD: that is all they do, move you backwards.

    The answer lies within you, and if you are lucky, in having friends who will listen, without comment, when you do need to talk.

    The future can seem impossible to reach. It's not... it's waiting for you... just a whisper away... or a prayer.

    Faith helps if you have it but you can, and will, recover whether you do or not.

    make up your mind that one day life will be okay, and it will.


    very good answer
    PTSD stems from one or more traumatic events, where the event(s) caused an overload of stimulus that the brain could not process all at once. Unfortunately, anything post tramatic event resembling the experience, such as an environmental or sensory experience can trigger all of the emotional and horrifying traumatic events all over again.

    An EXPERIENCED counselor can help the patient survive PTSD, where over time, the person can break down and process the event, and learn that a recognizable trigger is completely different than the original experience. Most of the work involves the patient, trusting others, and unfortunately many people won't do the required work, until alcohol or drug abuse finally sends them to get the help they need.
    Freedom Fighter... I tried to comment your question but the Comment is refusing to post. I'll copy what I said here & hope marking you up brings you to look. Your answers deserves the thumbs up anyway.
    I guess I would have talked to you :-)

    You would have understood that, in my case, my memory had totally blanked out the event. The little I do know was to told to me by witnesses. The last thing I needed was to be nagged into remembering it. My own mind had protected me very effectively.

    There are odd things... It was a long time before I understood why emergency vehicle sirens bothered me. The ambulance used one on the journey to hospital. The cure for that was travelling with a friend in the very late stages of labour. If anybody had asked me to PRESS the siren button & keep my finger on it, I would have.

    Other than that, triggers ARE connected directly to counselling. I was taken until i was fit to drive myself... and nobody asked me to do any work of any kind... just go to the sessions and try to remember. When i could drive I went for several weeks, and then I stopped for a month without telling my husband... I did inform the clinic. HE was the one who commented on how much happier & more relaxed I was, & wasn't the clinic wonderful :-)

    I'm sure there are times you can help. From what you've said I think you would recognise the times when it's best to "let sleeping dogs lie".

    How many counsellors really know what they are talking about? Those are the ones I meant, and unfortunately some of them are qualified. Letters after name... Excellent. Commonsense... Nil.

    One final point. I drink almost no alcohol... it gives me migraine & always has... and the only drugs I take are prescription painkillers, and I cut those if a warm bath will do the same job.

    So... we agree PTSD CAN be cured... by one means or another, and that was what the questioner wanted to know.

    god bless for you and your service to our country
    with all love and sincerity...daren

    Thank you, though I'm not sure which country you are from. I am in the UK, but I'm sure the general advice applies all over the world to a great degree, especialy in America, which seems to have a compensation culture even stronger than ours... perhaps because of the lack of free health care.

    The advertisement the subject triggered certainly intended to target on the English speakers, which is most of us by neceesity, even if sometimes questioners need help with understanding what we say.
    By the way, I see this subject title has "triggered" an advertisement to help you get 100% compensation.

    Please be careful. Ask yourself a 100% of what. My PTSD was the result of almost fatal injuries, and the compensation, which I would happily swap for perfect health, was enormous. As a result I can run an automatic-drive car and employ cleaners... needs, not luxuries, though I work fulltime too.

    I know of two other people in similar situations who happily went for "No win, no fee", which is much the same as saying you get 100% because their fees are charged directly to the insurance company... the usual source of compenaation is an insurance company... and those insurance companies are delighted. Why? You get a 100% of a thirtieth of the practical amount I was awarded.

    One case involved a child. The "100% settlement" paid for her family to take her to Disneyland. Nobody stopped to think she was going to need care for the rest of her life, or would have had the proper amount of money to invest for her if they had.

    That is not a comment on the company running this particular advertisement. I know nothing about them & they could be absolutely genuine. All I am saying is BE CAREFUL. There are advertisements daily on TV, and in the newspapers.

    Good point. Too many people settle on a lump sum, not realizing it will soon be gone, and not compensated for perhaps lifelong medical care.

    My compensation was a lump sum, but sufficient to invest in the lifetime help I need to live a normal life.

    The little girl's family probably saw £5000 (Just over $8000) as a lot, which of course it isn't as the insurance company will have been well-aware.
    with time, counceling, and the proper meds, you can live with PTSD. It will never completely go away, but it will fade in signifigance. I 've had it since I was 13 1/2. I am now 62.

    I didn't find this an easy question to answer.

    If you've seen many of my questions and answers you will know grammar and typing errors are rare.

    "Remission" isn't quite the right word because I simply got on with my day-job and returned to normal: recovery to that extent truly is possible.

    "Trigger" is spot on. That, and anger that the question had been ignored, even by people who could have said something simple, as dad59 has above, drove me to dig a bit and answer.

    I shall wait and see how many counsellore out there scream at me :-)

    Honey I was not screamming.. I just did not realize my cap lock was on... I am a pretty chill person...
    I am very pleased to know you are doing well... I do well until I am in a situation that "brings me back", Then i started with the dreams and sleeplessneess. Not wanting to be touched, and crying.... It is not often but it does happen. I can work I can function.. but I do have relapses.

    I know your Caps Lock was on... I hit mine with a fingernail sometimes :-)

    It never crossed my mind you were screaming.

    I'm just surprised nobody has, yet :-)

    There's s fortune to be made out of "counselling" about almost anything.

    I know your Caps Lock was on... I hit mine with a fingernail sometimes :-)

    It never crossed my mind you were screaming.

    I'm just surprised nobody has, yet :-)

    There's s fortune to be made out of "counselling" about almost anything.

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