What’s the reason for elderly being in nursing homes?

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    In many other countries the children take care of the parents when they get older and can't take care of themselves. It's a common thing to have three or four generations of family living in one household.

    America is different, family doesn't seem to have the same value as it does in other places in the world, it's a shame. Usually they are sent there because they need to be supervised constantly, possibly some of them senile, or may pose a danger to themselves if left alone.

    I think that people should take care of their extended family, but many of us are to busy working to make money and don't have the time that's needed to put into caring for the elderly.

    Sometime they are there because they need to be monitored by a nurse because of health issues, there are many reasons I suppose. Hope this helps.

    Same with you guys…I am a writer, and I m working on this book called “The Pain’s and the Differences” is about elderly in nursing home. Your opinion is appreciated because I loved what you got on here, anyway it is not my first book, so don’t worry, and I work in nursing home myself…If only you want me to…your choice


    Sure, you ought to check into the convalescent ministries of churches, many of my friends donate their time to visit the elderly, it's a tough ministry though, once you get attached to these people, you know they don't have much time left.

    I miss my grandparents so much, I had so much respect for them, I can't wait to see them in heaven.

    Anyhow feel free to use anything you want, good luck with the book.

    Leeroy, you are so right. I was born and raised in Europe and we always took care of our own. I took care of my Mom with Alzheimers until she passed away with Alzheimers. I loved every minute beeing with her and she became my child. I get very emotional about this subject. I believe everyone should take care of
    theire eldery parents, after all they took care of them
    when they were born and raised them

    So true Ann, thank you for the nice comment. More people need to take on the responsibility of the parents who sacrificed for them. That's what love is about.. Take care

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the comment and opinions, some very sad, but at least can I have the names to give your credit for the thoughts, and if you have some to share with the world...I was born and raised in African, and I never heard of nursing homes till I came to the u s, we’ve always take care of our sick family and elderly…old people are like baby, they need so much of attentions, and they don’t get that in nursing homes…is just sad for the Americans.
    Both of my parents are in the latter stages of Alzheimer's. My two brothers and I have done everything humanly possible to care for them. They don't recognize us any more, they will not allow in-home care providers in their home. We have no other option at this point but to place them in assisted living. We live quite a distance from our parents and it simply isn't feasible to see them daily. None of our homes are handicap friendly. God knows we tried our best. I feel no guilt by having to see to it that they are cared for correctly in a facility.
    most common reason i know of; their kids are to selfish to take care of them!

    You said it, I've heard or read somewhere that parents that are absent from the home because of work or they have nannies are much less likely to be taken care of by their children.


    leeroy, Yup. What goes around, comes around

    The problem is, some people have small families, like I do . And I was the only one around here to take care of my mom.But, I had to work. So , what I prayed would never happen, happened. She broke her hip and went straight to the nursing home from the hospital.  It was for 3 months.Then she died  :' ( 

      I was 3 months too long for me that she was in a nursing home.

    Fortunately, my dad, who died before her, had the big one and only lived for about 5 hours after that.

    There is no one to take care of them or they are too sick for anyone to take care of them...I worked at a Nursing home...I hope I die first...I never want to go into one!

    Ok I don’t know who you are, but you have your choice.
    I am a writer, and I m working on this book called “The Pain and the Difference” is about elderly in nursing home. Your opinion is appreciated because I loved what you wrote. Anyway it is not my first book, so don’t worry, and I work in nursing home myself…And i want to hear more...Thanks

    I am quite sure there are a myraid of reasons but i would hope that one would not put their elderly in there and just forget about them and never visit I could never do that do my Mom after I had to have surgery on my arm (elbow from lifting her all the time she had to be put in a small home it was not a nursing home per se, but I still visited most everyday and all I could not and would not and hope I helped her in not feeling abandoned and alone. I hope and pray that I accomplished that much at least.
    They can no longer take care of themselfes, like getting dressed. cooking food or taking a bath on theire own. Many people have
    Alzheimers who do not recognize theire own family. They get restless and combative and eventually forget to eat and become
    incontinent. They need care 24/7. Sad, but true

    I beliefe our elderly should be taken care of by
    Family and not be put in a Nursinghome
    Being that many of us come from broken homes, usually raised by our mothers, and the American Dream is for a happy, financially comfortable life, this may be one of the bigger cultural differences.

    When I studied German in high school, there was a chapter on family, and the example was of 3 generations living in the same home, I thought that was odd. Independence is also another American quality that may have something to do with it. I'm sure a big part is when both parents are working to try to pay the bills, it doesn't leave much time to take care of their parents.

    Interesting subject, the elderly are almost discarded in some families, it's sad to say. When my grandfather become ill in his late eighties, my mom moved up north and took care of him until he passed. It seems with each generation we have less respect for our elders and become a little more selfish? Not everyone though, but the nursing homes aren't hurting for business, I'm sure.

    Good answer, Leeroy
    it is obvios!!! They cannot look after themselves through illness or loneliness. DIMBO!!!!

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