can a teacher go through your childs hair and check for head lice

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    If you're that particular over who touches your child at school, have you ever considered home schooling your child? Sorry but I feel some parents put too much attention into being over protective verses actually parenting their child and looking after them. When was the last time you thought to check your child's head for lice? He/she does go to a school with a bunch of other kids daily and you're assuming other parents look after their child's health and cleanliness. Be happy the teacher is looking out for all the children.
    my 6 year old niece has been sent home three times in five months with headlice via the school nurse! why in the world wouldn't want them to look out for your d
    childs best intrest, if parents don't catch the problem at least someone does
    Head lice runs rampant in schools. Many parents don't pay attention to the constant scratching of their child.
    If it is against the law for a teacher to check for head lice when the child sits there and scratches all day, then the law needs to be abolished!
    I would think you should appreciate that your child actually has a teacher that even cares enough to look. I have seen a lot of teachers through my kids education that don't even like kids let alone bothering to care if they have lice. Good on the teacher for giving your child the care and attention that is so lacking these days.To the great teachers out there I mean no offence at all with my answer.
    This is just an opinion but I see no problem with a teacher doing this. If you're upset with this, let me ask you this. If another student in your childs class had lice, and the teacher suspected that child had lice but didn't check, then your child caught lice, how would you feel knowing the teacher could have prevented the spread of lice.

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