I have abusive husband. 6 years of marriage in hope things will improve, no relation but living together. a year back divorce petition filed first round is over. Now he came to know some mony in my bank and he has become sweet. though some time expresses his intention otherwise. i was suggested to be seperated by friends but i am fearing from being alone what to do?

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    I find this question terribly sad.. You need to value yourself more.. You are not a lone if you are living your life.. A man is not your other half.. He should be your comforter, supporter and you safe place.. You need to leave.. you need to learn to love yourself... You need peace.
    I think remaining alive is more important than worrying about being alone...abuse usually escalates....been there...don't know what you can do about the money in the bank...I'd withdraw it if it was a substantial amount and run like Hell (:

    my savings are the only thing on which i can survive. i did'nt get answer. Should i give and continue living or i should go by suggesions given by friends.
    ole hipster

    If your friends are truly your friends..they care for you..wouldn't hurt to take their advice if they want to see you get out of an abusive relationship...good luck...let us know how you are doing..we care too (:
    I just left the man I love because he isn't willing to give what I am looking for in a relationship so I know first hand this lonely feeling. Now really look at my last's a lonely "Feeling". I have my children, family and my friends are all rallying around me.This sight is full of people who would wrap their arms around you if they could. Life is very short and living alone for awhile without a partner presence is worth the wait for the right one and I do believe there is a right one.The thing I have to learn right now in the midst of my heart break is that I need to be on my own for awhile. I have changed my life for and catered to and taken abuse like a good dog for years. It is time to learn who I am on my own. I can't find the right one when I haven't spent time healing and taking care of myself for awhile. So what, you don't have a guy using you...what are you losing by feeling a little uncomfortable for awhile. We and your friends will rally around are never alone.
    ole hipster

    Glad you told her that lonely or rather being alone isn't so bad....sorry for your troubles mom...hope you are doing well in your new journey in life..(:

    Through all the love and advice from people I call my friends on here and those around me here at home, I am coming along thanks.Life goes on and as each day goes by I am feeling a little different. Thanks for being who you are!
    i really hope you get out of that abusive relationship nobody deserves to be treated like may feel like you cant go on without him or being alone but trust me you will be fine as time passes you deserve to be treated good and truly be loved by someone who is good to you 100%
    Darling, change your bank and give your book to your mother or sister to mind. Get the hell out of there before he hurts you. And, don't let him know you are going. Just disappear one day. Men like that never ever change. Listen to the voice of experience. Namely mine.
    Again, another one, why do so many women stay with a shitbag that abuses them? What were you before you hooked up with this sneak? Were you a pauper? Was he a Prince that showered you with a castle, jewels, vacations on the Riviera, probably not. So you go back to being who you were only a little bit smarter. I make a prediction, your abuse will get worse as time goes by, it always does with gullible women.
    I lived in an abusive relationship so my answer would be it is not worth it. You have a life and you deserve better. I have been divorced a very long time and being alone is not great but it is much better than someone being there and making your life a living hell every day. You have to be the one to make that choice but I would never ever be put in that position again ever.
    The only reason he's "become sweet" as you put it is because he wants your money. Run, don't walk away from him. He sounds like a real loser. You have to convince yourself that you deserve better than that because you do.
    Living with an abusive partner, with someone who does not love you, you already ARE as alone as can be. Because you live in a nightmare few people will want to share, and because he is filling up (and wasting) the space in your heart where someone worthy should be.

    Once you dare to go out into the world and let new people and new things come into your life, you will notice that you are certainly not alone at all.

    My best wishes

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