how do you deal with temper tantrums from a three year old?

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    IGNORE the outbreak of tantrums the child will realize it don't work but you must be steadfast.

    Very sensible

    Exactly what my mother did to stop my tantrums when I was a toddler ;)
    I ingored mine and just went about what ever really cool thing I was doing without them... They do need to know there are conciquinces.. My son was screamming his head off becuase we went through the drive thru and there was I pickle on his burger... I threw it out the window of my car.. And just kept truckin.
    Headless Man

    The pickle or the burger Good move.

    THe whole burger...
    Ms Sinclair

    Lol Litterbug! :-)
    Number one by not reacting while the tantrum is on and walking away, the child will see that it is no longer working. People, including 3 year old people, do what works.I remember one time in a store putting my child under my arm and walking out of the store leaving my goods behind in the cart, driving straight home and putting my son directly in bed telling him the behavior indicated he needed a nap.Another time I actually threw myself on the floor and had a tantrum with him, he was so shocked he stopped what he was doing and watched me mirror his behavior. Again I will say that we only do what works and once he/she realizes that the screaming and tears is not getting a reaction anymore, it will slow down the behavior. It takes time for a child to get it but they do.It is you who has to be retrained as well. Remember loud screaming and tears never killed anyone, in fact think of it as a good form of your child getting out some negative energy.Smile this too shall pass and before you know it you will have teens looking at you saying thats when life gets
    Definitely choose your battles. If the issue is unimportant then don't bother arguing e.g. If he/she wants to go out without a coat on, just tell them that you have advised they wear a coat but if they choose not to then they will have to deal with the consequences i.e. being cold. If you think this might cause problems then explain you will take it with you in case they change their mind.
    If it's over food then definitely don't make a fuss - if they don't eat what's given then they go hungry - simple!
    A little tap on the butt or hand don't hurt, then walk away and ignore them until they calm down.
    Oh boy! The terrible twos, the trying threes and the fearsome fours...I remember them well...most all above answers were really good ones..(:
    But above all 'frustrated' you have to do what feels right for you. If at home I used to make sure he was safe then go down the garden with a cup of tea.
    Every child is different and responds to different things. The age between 2 and 4 is the most difficult generally.
    The most vital key thing to remember Is ALWAYS make sure they know that you LOVE THEM, but it is the BEHAVIOUR you don't like!
    You don't feed into them. In other words, you don't give her a lot of negative attention concerning her tantrum .And rewards work better then punishments.

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