I lost all my karma over the weekend, does anybody know what happened?

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    It might be the one that ran over my dogma?

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    Contact admin, sure they will respond. Go to bottom of page click on contact.
    I was over 5000 and now I'm just over 1000, thats really upsets me, you work hard answering peoples questions here and earning those points and they just disapear over the night, makes me feel they robbed me. Sucks
    I dont think its fair!!!!!
    Ok I contacted the admin and they told me that my points have been added unfairly or my pc have been hacked and that’s why they took 4000 karma points from me and after I wrote them back saying that’s not fair, they gave back only 750 of 4000 that they took.
    I don’t even know what to say about it, I know for sure my pc is pretty safe from hacking, I might even leave this website because of their unfairness, I don’t know????
    ole hipster

    Sounds like you got kind of a raw deal!

    yes I did
    Seems like you've upset the system admin somehow.
    Check your Karma changes in your user page they've taken off 4,000 points.

    You've probably done something that goes against the rules of the site.

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