which military unit killed osama bin laden?

    which US unit was responsible for assassinated Osama bin Laden?

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    Seal Team Six, a special forces in the Navy. One of the best of the best in the field. Thank you for you all coming through it alive. I'm so proud to have known a few of those brave men. All our military men and women should be required to be in the same physical shape as the Seals, and the rest of the military branches with elite team of men.
    Sorry, the man had to die, but he wasn't going to go without a fight and so many have died because of him. Now we have to brace ourselves for the nonsense that may follow.

    You will find Army Delta Force and Green Berets equal to any Seal unit. Army Rangers, Amry Airborne and Marine Recon are close behind. Don't judge unless you know from within the facts. Most only think they do.

    Incidentally, Special forces wouldn't be 'Special' if all service members were as well trained, conditioned and focused. The notion is ridiculous on its face.
    Hey Gary,

    Seals stands for SEa Air and Land. Do you think the US Navy considers 150 miles an insurmountable obstacle? I'm fairly certain the Seals don't swim up to the beach and walk to every target they are tasked with assaulting. By the way, the Seal teams are widely known to be some of the world's premier specialists (along with the British SAS) in "snatch and grab" operations. I'm curious, did you vote for Obama?
    US Navy Seals!

    150 miles from the sea???????

    They went in on choppers. That's the reports I've been hearing.
    I don't know but they are badass! I'd invite them all for dinner at my home anytime!
    You'll hear more and more conflicing stories just to keep everyone busy talking and contradicting each other. IT's called a smokescreen folks and this whole propoganda story has been "leaked" now to lift the US dollar, which it has done! Just like the royal wedding being planned for the day and time that would impact the UK economy and waning Royal Family popularity the most. The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (don't confuse this with individuals please) that emanates out of Rome is behind all of these things and powers of state have to obey or go.

    Do you have difficulties sleeping at night?
    Seals, Go Navy
    the best of the best. U S Navy seal team 6
    Bin Ladin was an invention to have "someone" to blame. He didn't exist at all and the world was sucked in by all the propoganda about him. The twin towers were brought down by implosions from detonated charges set all the way throughout the metal framwork of the buildings. One can clearly see this in the footage relaesed about this tragedy. PEOPLE are of no concern to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, we are all just numbers to these ruling factions and as such we are ALL EXPENDABLE! Why would the US dump bin ladin's body at sea? Get real, THINK, use the wonderful brain God has given you and wake up, we have all been conned!

    Woopee! here starts the charge of the Conspiracy Therioist Brigade. Ta.Ta!

    I agree about the World Trade Centers,& the 1 World Government. However I think that B.L. existed. It is funny that he was buried at sea. Many people believe everything the government tells them, (what suckers)but I know they lie!

    He was buried at sea to keep the followers from digging him up or taking his ashes and making a shrine of it. And there was something in Islam that states body must be disposed of within 24 hours of death.

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