we are a family of two. we do not have guests for dinner. we do not eat fancy. still, our monthly grocery bill is so high i won't even say ... it's stupid. how much do YOU spend.

    if you can do not include non-food items.

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    itsmee try buying in balk, you can even with a small family. We shop at Sam's club, buy our beef from a local farmer. A 1/4 beef is much cheaper the your local market but you do need a freezer, grow a garden.
    I spend about $70:00 a week. I make my own bread,in a breadmaker, and grow some of my own vegetables. I have four chickens and sell some of the eggs to pay for their food. I have planted about six dwarf fruit trees. From the internet, I bought an arrowroot plant. We can eat the leaves and the roots. The chickens also like to eat its leaves. I can have more plants by cutting the bulbs from the the bottom and planting them. The roots are a bulb from which we can eat raw or fry and boil it like a potato. I have many different exotic vegetables like this.
    Also, I never ever buy packaged or tinned food of any kind.
    I need to spend about 175 a week... How ever I often times only have 50 left after elec and gasoline. On average we spend 400 a month.

    do you mean you spend $100.00 a week! i will come up with my weekly shopping bill very soon. right now it's mixed in with shampoo, soap, laundry stuff, nail polish, deoderant, hair stuff ... all that. it's not fair to count those as grocery items.
    we haven't gotten so desperate that we have taken to eating soap.

    our cat costs us $70.00 a month.

    There are four of us... I buy alot of genaric brands. Meat and dairy and fresh veg are our most costly items... We have 3 dogs and two cats... (two kittens as well) They all eat puppy food.. That is just what they like. But I dont complain it saves me money.
    wow, dwayne. that's good. i think we need to work harder to save. we don't even cut coupons.
    do you get coupons off the computer?
    i'm new in town
    wed is sale paper day my wife scoures them for the products we need and takes the ad to wal mart to make price match. sun. is coupon day in the local paper. to grt our local paper it cost 25$ a month i bet it saves us 250$ a month
    Family of five,two adults and three growing greedy children,4-14 and a half years old,I spend $675-700 a month roughly.I live in the suburbs of southern Cali so no game or wild chickens...I wish.

    I live in the suburbs too. That's why I put dwarf fruit trees in. In Australia, we are allowed to keep up to five chickens. We are not permitted to keep roosters. You don't need a large space to have what I have.

    My dad tried sneaking a chicken in our backyard once,animal control rang our doorbell and told him to lose the chicken or else....he was so bummed,he was trying to relive his childhood,but no can do, and it was goodbye chicken.
    We are a family of 5 (3 little kids) we spend $600 a month and eat wild, free range meat so thats not counted.
    We are a family of three and I spend about 5-6 hundred a month.Thats prices here in Canada.

    thanks mom, i live in ca and need a response from someone in the us.
    thumbs up for answering.

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