What is the kindest thing you have ever done for a stranger without being asked to do?

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    I’m nice to a fault. Just get along and listen. But one thing I do is every two months I buys a hundred dollars worth of two dollar bills (not used a great deal in these United States) and keep them in my car console. I’ll hand them to people begging on the corners (thought to be good luck) or they are so great to tip with and I tip everybody…..

    terryfossil 1

    No tipping in Aussie JH,,so it is very awkward when in a country that does..never know how much you are supposed to give,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    This may sound like a strange answer Starlite..i was in a pub and i went to the toilet and there was a 20 something year old punching the hell out of an old man.told him to stop..he did not so i dropped him..i went back to my beer and the old man went to a table with his mates,,next i know a coupla beers turn up in front of me,,courtesy of the old fellas at the table..the young bloke is my ex friend..odd story to remember all these years later..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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