is lyrica any good

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    Do you mean lycra?If not what is lyrica?Lycra is good stuff to wear if you want to look slimmer.
    LYRICA is a non-narcotic medication that can help with chronic pain. The doctor should start the patient on a low dose so that the patient can adjust to the medication without having significant side effects. The starting doses can be effective for pain relief, but sometimes the starting dose isn't enough for pain relief, so the doctor may need to be slowly increase your dose until you reach maximum benefit. A limiting factor to the dosing, which does not happen often, can be sleepiness. Also, if you notice swelling of the hands or feet the doctor needs to be contacted right away. If you or your doctor decide to discontinue the Lyrica, the doctor should give you a schedule to use to slowly decrease the dose until you're off the pill. Lyrica should never be stopped suddenly because a seizure may occur. This medicine can be safe and very helpful for pain control, as long as you communicate with your doctor, take it as directed, and slowly increase the dose per the doctor's advice.

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