"What is the matter with us"..

    That was the words of the California Governor regarding the latest mass shooting in the USA.. and anybody in the rest of the western world would be saying the same thing, it is not as though it does not happen in other countries.. but other countries DO something about it.. for crying out loud, Aussie held the record for the most killed by one man. Martin Bryant killed murdered 35 people.. and so we changed our gun laws.. and we are better off for it.. does anybody else have an honest sensible opinion regarding this  ???..   

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    The U.S.A. ("greatest country in the world" they say) has had 238 mass shootings THIS YEAR! Sadly, the politicians are afraid to change the gun laws because they might lose some votes and be out of a job. Surely, U.S. citizens are not stupid. Common sense tells you what needs to be done. I know they realize what the solution is because they've been talking about it for decades.

    But....loudly declare your right to own your guns and keep sending "thoughts and prayers". How pathetically sad!


    terryfossil 1

    I wish i had your gift with words Quacker..I think i have become a bit gun shy on what i can and cannot say.. how ever..i hear the words" greatest country in the world, land of the free,"i watched a tv show a coupla nights back and the words(our constitution is the greatest in the free world) i think maybe Hollywood and Reality have crossed over..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Notice that no one will talk about "guns" Terry? All I've heard for years and years are comments such as "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Or, "People get killed in car accidents and we don't take away their cars". So silly but sadly, I don't believe it will ever change. I just hope that that philosophy doesn't ever come to Canada. :(
    terryfossil 1

    Spot on Quacker..those were the same sort of words used by Aussies when they were trying to change our gun laws,,i had a rifle and i was one of those voices,, however i have seen the difference and now totally agree with our gun laws.. you have to move on and make things better for the future,, if you leave things the same. then things remain the use a blunt example..( count the dead and wounded)..always nice talking Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Good that you have seen the positive results. Some never will I guess.

    ....opinion: the more of God's will, word, and way and less of us and our selfishness, ego and attitude presented by the media/entertainment industry today's world everyone thinks he/she is right

    ....where do we get true, trustworthy and effective guidance for life and it's value do we bring back trust of authority and police for everyone 


    Get rid of the guns maybe?

    ....or poison or knives or drunk drivers or
    terryfossil 1

    @ Romos ..Control certain types of firearms,, ban automatic firearms, grenades. bazookas,, licence and safety training prior to gaining a licence. something would be better than nothing.. while everyone carries a gun it is like the wild west,, everyone is scared to draw second.. Aussie had its wild west days with the Bushranger era,, but hey, somewhere along the line common sense has to prevale and move into the future.. c'mon guys.(land of the free??)..yep, free to kill each other..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


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