What will it take for America to be united as one?

    To stop the division and hatred? We are all on the same team, unless we learn to get along we will lose our freedom and our country. 

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    ....when we treat each other as we want to be treated

    Starlite 59

    Good answer!

    USA is divided by Guns,Colour,North and South,and a misguided opinion that they are the greatest country in the world..or maybe not.Trump wanted to make USA great i guess it was not the not get me wrong.i am not attacking an Australian i know we have a few problems also..the closest i have ever been to USA is Hawaii,,and i thought there were more Japenese than Americans and Hawiians there..however that was about 30 years ago...i am simply giving an opinion to a question..thanks for listening..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Good evening Terry, sadly I think America "USA" is going down hard. Just my opinion.!.. what can save it?? A government we can trust. I don't care if it's Republican or Democrat. A news media we can trust. People need to quit worrying about black or white, we're human beings get over the dam## color. Neighbors that haven't worked in years get the same benefits as I do, they eat as good as I do, they drive as good or better vehicles as I do, they get better tax breaks, even though they don't work, they still get a tax return at the enof the year. I'm sure your hearing a lot about the "Riot" in Washington. How much have you heard about the cities here that were trashed from the "peaceful protest"? we have relatives in Minneapolis, last spring we were there and advised not to go downtown. Minneapolis was once a beautiful city, but now it's a sh#t hole. Guns!.. let's talk about guns.. I think you know where I stand. My problem is why is this happening.. nobody cares about that. Blame the gun. 30-40 years ago these shootings were almost nonexistent here. We had guns back then. We had the same guns as they do today. The guns didn't change. Heck it was a lot Easier get a gun 30 years ago than it is now. You mentioned a missed guided opinon that we think were the greatest country... I think that opinion has been gone for a generation. But at one time we were and still should be ( my opinion) a self sufficient country. We don't need anything from any other country, but thanks to the politicians we import almost everything. Heck Terry, I'd like to take you on a couple day trip around our area. Visit the big cities, small towns. They all have ruins of businesses, factories that have moved overseas or Mexico. We didn't need that. People here now want $20 an hour to go flip burgers at McDonald's. Come to my work and weld a new floor section on a manure spreader that's still half loaded with shi$ and dripping on you as your welding it. I apologize my friend for the rant, but I'm worried.. mostly about my daughter growing up in this country.
    terryfossil 1

    G'day JD,you have nothing to apologize for mate..there a good people in all countries of the world..sometimes they are just hard to see..USA has a popuation of just on 335 million..Aussie has 26 million,,we have and have had similiar problems to you guys..but on a much smaller scale..that gives us an advantage..however both countries have been around for a long time..and will be around for a lot can only hope..all the best Mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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