Anyone have reoccurring dreams that ruin your day?

    For roughly the last 8 years now about once a month or so I will have a dream about a particular ex of mine. The content of the dream can vary ranging from something romantic to argument but more times than not romantic or sensual. I hate this ex. For reasons I wont go into, I can not stand this person and having a dream about this person will completely shut me down for the day no matter what occured in the dream. I am mostly just curious if anyone else has dreams about something or someone that they do not like completely ruins your day if you have them/when?

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    Interesting question.

    Has it ever occurred to you that the person in your dreams is not meant to be the true subject of the dream? 


    Perhaps the person that you are continuing to dream about all of these years merely represents a very poignant time in your life. 


    Don't focus on the person in your dreams but focus on what you were struggling with during this time such as inner demons.


    I  dream every few weeks about both of my ex-husbands (not at the same time LOL)  It's been over  30 years since I divorced my first ex and 20 years since I divorced my second.


    I hope that you can figure out what the dreams mean, but don't expect them to stop occurring.  Unless maybe you can figure out what this person in your dreams is really symbolizing and come to terms or make peace with it.

    country bumpkin

    It could have something to do with what your subconscious deems as unfinished business (related directly or indirectly to this person) and the dreams won't go away until this is resolved.
    Example. I moved around a lot as a child so bad grades and no friends. When I was 12, we moved to a town where I we stayed longer than usual. My grades improved and I made my first best friend.
    We were there for almost two years before our family was ripped apart once again. After we relocated, I hated my new school. My grades dropped and I began hanging with the wrong crowed. Eventually, I quit school.

    I had weekly dreams about school until I decided to take college classes in my late 20's- early 30's. After I took these classes, it relieved most of my guilt for not graduating high school. I don't think I've ever had another dream about school.

    Eight years!? I'm no psychiatrist, but the fact that you "cannot stand this person" and a dream about him/her "ruins your day", indicates to me that some in-depth counselling is required to help you sort things out and begin to move forward. This anger that you still experience has gone on way too long! Ask for professional help and the sooner the better.


    Oh that's true and I have. I am mostly curious if I am the only one.

    A person who is experiencing a personal problem, is never the only one in the world doing so. Often though, they have chosen to dismiss professional counselling or they have the wrong counsellor, one whom they have been seeing for years with no result or change., thank God

    ....the evening news is bad enough 

    ....fortunately, prayer helps me hurdle negative thoughts or dreams are now on my prayer list to remove the hurt in your heart and/or mind

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