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    Without any doubt Clonge,,the last 40 years has gone so fast and changed so much it has left a lot of us behind..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    50 years ago we got married. Life was simpler then, not sure it was really better. People were more considerate, and we had more respect for others I think.  So maybe, yes it was a better world. There were always wars some where unfortunately. 

    Stick around and post the same question 50 years hence and you´ll get the same answers. Wanna bet?  

    terryfossil 1

    No bet Sunny,,i wanna keep my money..:):):):)..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    50 years ago I was a punk kid with no dreams of a future, competition with siblings, good grades expected, no talent in sports... my happiness was very select. I guess I enjoy my turning 50 (the magical, mysterious half a century) more then my insecure self. P...... matter where you are in life, the closer to God you are the better 

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