functions of a health prefect in school

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    The Role Of School Prefect

    In performing duties as School Prefect, each prefect will be expected to:

    • Respect the rules and regulations of the school and observe the school rules at all times

    • Be dressed appropriately at all times. Prefects shall wear their badge that distinguishes their office at all times

    • Be punctual for duties and attend all Prefect meetings where possible

    • Maintain an excellent academic and behaviour record and lead by example, ensuring the pursuit of academic excellence and orderly behaviour

    • Be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating fellow students

    • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible

    • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment

    • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem-solving skills

    • Be willing to take on extra responsibilities

    • Be able to work independently and complete tasks

    • Prefects shall work together as a single body to promote cohesiveness and discipline in all their domains

    • Prefects will attend all school events and activities when required where possible, and will be expected to help and lead

    • Prefects must be excellent ambassadors for the school, representing the school image positively

    • Prefects will carry out tasks and jobs as may be directed by staff

    • Prefects will be required to sign a contract and can be removed from post if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

    For our prefects with specific responsibilities;

    Uniform Head Students:

    • To act as ambassadors for the school at whole school events

    • To take a lead in School Council and represent prefects at School Council Meetings

    • Supporting Head Students in leading other prefects

    • Supporting Head Students in ensuring that other prefects are fulfilling their responsibilities

    • Co-chair Prefect meetings with Head Students

    • To meet with SMO once per short term to review progress

     Liturgical/Charity Prefects:

    • To participate in collective worship e. Mass and assembly

    • To support with organization of events relating to the liturgical calendar g. Ash Wednesday, Lent, St. John Fisher Day

    • To create a termly ‘Liturgical Update’ for the School Newsletter

    • To liaise with Events Prefects to organize and lead one charity initiative per long-term (Autumn, Spring, Summer)

    Events Prefects:

    • To support JDO with marketing whole school events

    • To support Liturgical/Charity and Environment prefects with termly initiatives

    • To attend all whole school events and act as tour guides/provide refreshments

    • To collect information regarding extra-curricular activities, lunch activities and support staff with developing and launching these activities.

    • To organize interform competitions (non-sporting)

     Sports Prefects:

    • Represent sport in school.

    • Organize interform sporting competitions and assist with the running of sports day.

    • Promote sporting activities and support PE department with the organization running of sporting fixtures.

    • Liaising with Head of PE and PE department with staff assigning duties as necessary.

    • To create a termly ‘Sports Update’ for the school newsletter.

     Environment Prefects:

    • To liaise with relevant staff regarding new build

    • To consult with lead staff on the learning environment and report concerns/problems

    • To run at least two environmental awareness campaigns across the school year (e.g. World Water Day)

    • To practical support with maintaining school environment g. raising awareness of recycling, gardening outdoor spaces.


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