Here is a Curiosity that i just found out to-day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    In Aussie we call a  bum bag that you wear on the front or butt,,butt(pun intended) hang on... in USA your butt is your Fanny,and they also wear a bum bag or fanny bag on the front or the back..In Aussie if you called it a fanny bag,you gonna get slapped,,no idea what happens in USA,I give you a little read up on it,let me know if you can figure it out..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. result for bum bag photos

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    Over hear it's called a bum bag, but they are not worn much these days. The girl in the picture has got it a bit high, it's not covering her bum or her funny.
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    And here is the part that confuses me Sunny, and nobody seems to mention it,which leaves me wondering if it is true ??????...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    In America, where tourists of a certain age still adorn their waists with this fad of yesteryear, the bum bag is actually known as a fanny pack. The reason for this, of course, is that fanny is another word for backside in American English.

    The bag is known as a ;bum bag, in OZ bum bag is as it says goes over the bum, the fanny bag goes around the front, in OZ the female genitals are known as fanny -booty= bum just slang for various parts of the body, imagine fanny bag called the obvious. {a 'Cat' BAG].

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    My ex-hubby used to wear a pack in the summertime because he wore shorts with sneakers instead of jeans with boots.   The gun was kept inside/the side of his boot or the bag he kept around his waist which all his friends and co-workers referred to as his "man purse".   Fanny pack, money belt , and f** bag are three other names I know this to be called.  


    "the gun was kept".....sounds so foreign to me. Something that my mind cannot even comprehend as the norm.
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    I know what you mean. He was a federal police officer with US Customs then Homeland Security before he retired, so he always carried his gun and his badge with him even when he was off duty.

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    Is it true in America that a butt is called a Fanny CB..?????
    country bumpkin

    I've heard it called fanny, but I don't think it's used more often than rear-end, booty or tush.

    Interesting article. Might look ugly but also very useful.....yard sales, farmers' markets, anywhere when you need to make change but have your hands free and are also too busy to watch your purse/wallet in a crowd. We call them "fanny packs" even though the word "fanny" is a rather old fashioned word here in Canada.

    Also called "money belt" (especially for travelling)

    Money Belt

    .... I used one when I went hiking


    Years and years and years ago? lol

    .... I can always count on the Duck

    You sure can. :)

    Use it when i go to Las Vegas gambling, and keep my handgun in it when out. 

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    Do you call it a fanny bag or a bum bag Zorro..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No, dont call it anything. Maybe a belt bag or belly bag.

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