When it’s too hot and when it’s too cold, how best do you cope with it?

    Probably the most talked about topic one hears on a daily basis is the weather, good or bad, wet or dry, hot or cold etc.

    With winter looming on the horizon, I was reminded of one particular evening in Berlin in 1970. It was a Friday in December when I decided to spend an hour or two in my Local. I left my flat and set off on the 10 minutes walk to my destination, and after barely 100 meters I had to turn back and quickly head for home. It was bitterly cold, minus 25° Celsius, the like of which I had never experienced before or since. I had no inkling of just how much pain I would suffer in both ears in so little time.

    In normal circumstances, I would prefer cold over hot, but on this occasion, I was caught out. Never again!


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    Bring forward the cold and three or four feet of snow to accompany the winter weather.



    I think you are asking for an extreme weather event each of us has had to endure.  I have one unpleasant memory from my childhood.  I'm not looking for sympathy because it seems like it was another lifetime ago and my feet have thawed since then.  LOL

     When I was seven-years-old, the whole family packed up and moved to Indiana   This particular winter, Indiana received more snowfall than it had in recent years and not one of us was prepared for the bitter winter months ahead.

    My grandparents were residing in a large two-story home in the city and me, my mom, half-brother, and his dad moved into a small house down at the end of a dirt road just outside the city limits.

    My mother dropped my baby brother and me off at some trailer park with a man and a woman neither of had ever met while she spent most the night out partying.   I guess she forgot to tell her husband that nobody would be at the house to greet him when he got home from work or cook his supper and tuck him into bed because boy he was sure angry when my mother, brother and me came walking through the front door during the middle of the night.   He was so mad at my mother that as soon as she stepped foot inside the house he started hitting her in the head and in the face  He did not care that she was holding the baby in her hands while he was beating her.

    My mother while still holding on to my brother pulled me back out the front door and she told me we were going to have to walk to the end of the dirt road and then cross over the highway to use the phone at this creepy-old motel.  I swear it could have played the lead role in a horror flick.

    There was a couple of inches of snow on the ground and I believe it was still snowing.  I was so cold and my feet were freezing because I had no shoes on my feet.  I can remember staring down at the snow sticking to my fluorescent pink socks and the snow caking-up more with every step I took.  I  was bawling my eyes out and I wanted to go back and get my shoes but she couldn't risk taking us back to the house and she couldn't carry me because she could only carry my baby brother.

    I'm sure it only took about five minutes to get to the motel, but I didn't think I would ever see the end of that short dirt road that snowy winter night.   My mother divorced him only to remarry him 5 years later. 

    I know this is an odd correlation, but  I think deep down inside of me, one of the reasons why I have such a fascination with snow is because of no matter all the abuse and s*i* that has been tossed my way  that has followed me all of life, somehow I've always found the courage and the strength somewhere down inside of me to press on instead of giving up.  


                               Let It Snow - Let It Snow - Let It Snow


    Child abuse at its best/worst! Sadly that will condition a person to "be strong, tolerate, always be nice, accept that its normal, excuse the bad behavior and believe that its an expression of love (mothers love their children, right?)" no matter how awful it gets. Accept and repeat....repeat....repeat...…"has followed me all of life". :((

    Thank you so much for that very sad and vivid account you gave of that terrible night you went through as a seven-year-old child all those years ago. When something like that happens, it can never be eradicated from your memory no matter how long you live, it just lies there waiting to be activated again. Maybe that's good so, I don't know.

    I am glad your family survived that What a terrble memory!

    ....when I would go hunting or fishing with my dad during winter

    .... I would put so many sweat shirts and coats on that it made me look like the Michelin man was hard to move

    In the cold, warm hats, gloves, scarves, coats, boots and sometimes, long underwear. In the heat, shorts and air conditioning. Pretty used to all kinds of weather where I live. Four seasons make for a variety of available clothing.     :)

    P.S. A few times last winter...…-30 Celcius;  -33 Celcius. Brrrrrr….


    aha yes, I forgot to mention, I left the flat wearing only a T-shirt and that equates to a temperature of 'feels like' -45° Celcius!!

    Minus 23 in a t-shirt??? Must have been a very young guy at the time?

    I think my worst winter was the winter of 1978. A blizzard that blocked roads and the wind was terrible. I was afraid our house would catch on fire and no way was the fire Dept getting up the hill we lived on! I kept turning down the heat  but we all survived and finally got to a grocer but no milk, bread or anything to make them! There were curfews on travel,Etc. But we made it! It was scary! I would rather handle heat but I did get heat stroke one year as I was not paying attention to hydration


    I was homeless and in the tent. James was in jail. It was 19 degrees INSIDE the tent. Hard to get out from under the covers but, thank God, I had a few candles for my hands!

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