Halloween! Who celebrates it more, the children or adults? Please enlighten me.

    I honestly do not know, so if you would give me an example or two I would appreciate it, and in recognition for your effort, you will be justly rewarded. I am well aware I can utilise the services of Wikipedia and Google, etc., but in this instance, I have refrained from doing so.

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    I believe the adults have come around to enjoy Halloween as much as the children.   

    Yesterday late afternoon while I was walking the dog, I saw a boy walking with his mother. He was in full costume and the mother was wearing a mask.  As she walked past me, she was laughing and having so much fun with her son.  

    There seem to be more children wearing homemade costumes every year.  I think the parents enjoy making the costumes,  decorating the house and yard/garden, carving pumpkins etc.


    My ex-hubby and I threw an adults-only halloween party at our home in 1996 or 97.  We had to start preparing a couple of weeks in advance to have all the decorations and games ready for the night of the party.  It was an absolute blast and I was told by a couple of people that it was the most fun they have ever had during Halloween.


    Thank you c.b. for your post, it is always something special to see a mother and her child obviously happy with the world. By all accounts, Halloween is a special 'event' in the calendar for both genres, young and not so young. By definition, adults-only, excludes children so I take that as meaning there was alcohol available. 'absolute blast', I've not heard that one before, it sounds more like a Cape Canaveral launch to me.
    country bumpkin

    We never stop learning. Having a blast means to have a lot of fun or there's a lot of excitement.
    There was alcohol served at the party, but the spirits were not the only reason little ghosts an goblins were not allowed. We also played adult games that young children would not have enough knowledge or coordination or be tall enough to participate. :))

    I love Halloween but mostly it’s from my childhood memory. It’s always been fun to dress up on purpose. Now I’m excited for the kids. I dress up the porch and buy the best csndies and this year I also gave away spider rings. All eleven children loved them. Did the kids go the way of my memories?


    I am glad your enthusiasm and happiness for Halloween haven't diminished all those years and I wish you many more.

    Why thank you westy, what a nice sentiment.....

    ....more activities seem to occur at schools and churches instead of homes in our neighborhood for protection is still fun to see the little ones dress up and go after the candy

    Only 3 kids this year, personally i don't believe in halloween, the schools for some reason are pushing it, it is an American thing, i prefer the European 'All Hallows Eve' after all it is celebrating a Pagen event.

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