When was the last time you ever asked someone for help? What kind of help?

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    I asked a neighbour to help carry my groceries because they were very heavy and my arms are a mess.  


    Were you helped or not?
    country bumpkin

    Yes. He's a very nice guy.

    That's good. If you didn't get help in time, the milk might have spoiled!

    Ask for help? I rarely do. I can look pitiful and dog eyed usually resulting in aid with whatever. I’m getting used to asking James for help in the strengt department; lifting, carrying, twisting. And hell oblige because that’s what men do. I am the epitome of stubborn and reluctant to admit I just can’t do it until all my other options are exhausted.....

    oh! The last time I asked? A while ago I asked Mark for six eggs. I forgot we needed any........  I made lime bars.....


    Update and I didn’t ask, they just appeared out of nowhere. Getting off the boat and onto dry land I got tangled with my luggage and fell HARD onto the ground. Two gentlemen rushed over, one gave me his hand while the second one lifted me from behind. Skinned my knee and bruised ribs painfully. This was last Saturday, today is Wednesday and I still have to hold my side when coughing.....






    Mods, I didn’t know how to add this to my original answer but felt it should be told. Hilarious!

    country bumpkin

    Look at the bottom of the original answer that you provided (here). You will see written in blue, "Edit this answer".
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    Should I ask? Did you have a good TRIP? Sorry jh, I just couldn't help myself. :)

    My brother, to take some apps off my cell phone.

    ....a young man helped me load a heavy bag just the other day


    Some guy asked me if I need help with "that bag". I said, "No thanks".

    I once asked my neighbour to give me a hand to pull my tractor out of a sink hole..the mongrel said no,i will need a crane to lift it out,i said a few unprintable words to him,and got to work with  block and chains,,and 5 or 6 wooden planks,,6 hours later i was driving up to our house,,all it took was blood,sweat,swearing,and wife,,i was very proud of what we achieved..she was a wonderful 1964 red Fergy with a 3 cylinder diesel donk..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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