.............just a Penny? ................just a Penny?

    Just a little fun Question (ahem) asking if you have ever had a Television Advertisment buzzing around in your head for Days? My latest one stems from a brewery, but I just cannot remember the catch Phrase, any ideas?

    Do you have a favourite Ad.?

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    See the source image

    I love this little guy.....Geico. (Insurance)


    I love their commercials!
    country bumpkin

    I haven't seen Geico commercials in years.
    This is my all time favourite and now that I've listened to it again, I'll be singing it all day.

    I've never seen that one. The ones from the past few years all have this little green guy in them. He has an English accent. So cute.

    I really like the Subaru commercials with the dogs driving!


    I love all the Aunt Bessie ads featuring Margaret and Mabel

    The John Lewis Christmas ads stick in my brain too.


    I  don't know the name of the brewery or catchphrase.



    ....Wendy's : "Where's the beef ?"

    I love commercials, they are what? A 15 second or 30 distraction? Some are really clever. Sad for the company though as I enjoy the “show” but pay little attention to the brand. I have all sorts of favorites so none come to mind right off. I do know that I find it most irritating when somebody mutes the ad.....

    I like the "Mayhem" commercials, an ad campaign for Allstate Insurance. 

    A very testing advert..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Everytime the commercials come on , I change the channel or mute it so I don't have to watch/ listen to  them .

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