Three suspects have been captured on video at various Manhattan gyms. and are alleged to have broken into lockers...

    and stolen over $100,000 worth of watches. A recent victim claimed his $24,000 watch was stolen. There are signs prominently displayed in the locker rooms, stating that management is not responsible for personal property. I can't say that I feel sorry for the "$24,000 guy". Can you?

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    LOL!! Just another rich guy with no brains.

    I thought I recognised your pink triangular face peeking through the mask. LOL


    She has her own Rolex! LOL is as smart does

    Nobody is stealing my expensive watch unless they take it off of my cold dead body. I won’t leave it alone to be taken....

    He will be okay,i am sure he will simply go get another one..the average person i know does not and will never own  a $24,000 watch...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sure, I feel badly for someone who got robbed. If you've had the experience,  you don't wish it on others.


    Seriously? Don't you think the man bears some responsibility for being foolish? Even if he couldn't read signs, he should know better.

    I didn't say he didn't bear responsiblity.

    And no one said they wished it on others.

    Correct. No one wished a theft on anybody. My answer is in comment to what Clonge wrote is his dialogue.

    They shouldn't bring expensive jewelry or other such items or a lot of money  into a gym. why didn't the patrons or the cleaning staff see these people in the locker room breaking open the lockers ?


    Maybe, since there are 3, 1 or 2 act as lookouts. I go to a large gym with 1000's of male members ( as well as female ) and there have been times wen I was the only one in the locker room, albeit for very brief periods. Surveillance cams would possibly act as a deterrent, but of course, that would raise privacy issues.

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