Do you believe in spanking ?

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    Yes should not leave bruises and welts. A spanking should be a swat on the behind, not an abusive beating, handed out with anger. That happens too often and accomplishes nothing positive.


    Butt was used in the right context here ;-)

    Thank you but....

                                         I do believe in spanking.



    country bumpkin

    It looks like a chubby sausage with the casing coming off in both directions. LOL


    Spare the rod spoil the child MCM...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Oh, I guess I believe in it, I was terrified of my mom; she used to own a horse quirt. But in all honesty, i never had to raise a hand to my son, he was that good.....


    my mom used a wooden hair brush that had raised ridges on the back of it left bruises.! !

    Ducky, that's why we should not assume. you help us so much I figure your life was a breeze, but I know many that had to look over their shoulder a lot as a kid. I'm happy we are talking about this topic, i'm of the mind if you can talk it out, it goes out of us. lol

    ....yes, guided by love


    this also is a '' best answer '' It was tough to choose.

    "guided by love" is a great, but it seems that we grownups start spanking on kids they get into a trance and it turns into a ruppin', then a beating. then they get to beating like they are trying to kill somebody. that's why now in California, you can just slap your kid and child protective services can remove the child or children from the home.

    @tabber.....That means that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. Government should not be in the 'child raising' business. That is the job of parents and parents only! A slap is not abuse! It's the job of Mom and Dad called discipline.

    Ducky, the pendulum is constantly swinging, and we must strive for balance in most things. I have worked with kids in various settings for 20 years. I have seen it all. I've seen kids taken away that maybe should have not been. However, some of these caregivers are so mean and cruel, somebody needs to step in, even if it's the government. To this day when I see a mom slapping a young child I talk to the mom. Most of the time they don't get mad, but a few have. I believe we need required child rearing classes, before a mom has the baby. I could write a book on what these kids have gone through, and what the kids have said they wish they could do to their mom. it's not pretty. these kids were called the top 2% of emotionally disturbed kids, which I believe it's basically what they have been through and what the grownup said to these kids, name calling, verbal abuse and just lack of knowledge in raising kids. everybody was not lucky like you and me and many others, who's mom's knew instinctively what to do and how much discipline to exert on the child. I love you Ducky.

    @tabber....I only WISH that I had been what you refer to as 'lucky'. In addition, I have a close relative who has worked with the equivalent of your CPS, rescuing abused children. Believe me....I know.

    A gentle slap is ok, but nothing too aggressive.



    Sunny, if it's on the butt, not on the face or head

    Yes I agree mcm.

    Apparently, you are referring to using a spanking as punishment, discipline for a child.

    My mind went elsewhere....


    What books have you been reading ?

    no, they say spankings cause too many problems for the child related to learning and also emotional problems later in life. we had some spankings in my family and we got some problems in my family.

    terryfossil 1

    Do not believe everything "They " say Tab,,the They say mob have been spruiking rubbish since the beginning of time..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    terry, right. but I don't believe every single thing.

    and they say it teaches kids to hit people to solve their problems

    Absolutely not.  Spanking a child is wrong.  Children are smaller than adults.  Why raise a child in fear?  ... bad idea.  

    Children are our blessings.  Our gifts.  



    I tend to agree with you . I'm leaning toward the not spank the child side of the fence.

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