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    When in rome,do as the romans do.when you live in another mans country,you should speak their lingo..or get out..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    two thumbs up , Terry

    Right about now... great answer.

    More Spanish speakers in Americans then English...

    Today, October 24, she resumed her teaching, after apologizing to the school.
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    Clonge,i guess she had to apologize to keep her job..pc still fulla crap..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    terry: i didn't hear the apology, which was given over the speaker system. Maybe she said " I'm sorry...I made a mistake. I meant to say 'English' rather than "American." LOL!
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    @JH,do you mean you have more spanish speaking people in America than english speaking people in America..If so,you might want to check this link out..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    May be but the numbers are off. They’re counting Spanish speakers only and not Spanish also....
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    Either way JH,231 million to 37 million,,big big matter what spin you put on it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Who knows what the truth actually is. ... that would be no one. I was in a Uber this week with a driver telling me how bad my Prime Minister was while riding down a highway in South Carolina. He felt sorry for all of us. ... Canadians... yep... all bad. :(


    ....a common language unites

    ....many languages, the Tower of Babel 

    I think when you go to visit, and certainly when you go to live in another country, you should at least try to speak the language. When I have visited France and Italy I have always tried to speak some of their language, I'm not very good at it, but I find they like it if you try, and they are more friendly and helpful. as for American, well I can put on a darn gone Texan accent any old time dude.

    our grandparents or great grandparents.who came to the U.S. as young adults had to learn English. They wanted to b/c they were excited about getting a job and blending into the new exciting country . So they learned English ASAP . And they were proud to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

    If I'm not mistaken, there are more Spanish speakers then English in America. If this isn't true then it's pretty darn close. Languages are a good way to show respect. I can say hello and ask how one is doing in about eight ways, accents included. Oh, and I can say thank you as well......

    That was a very short clip.  The American language is based upon the English language.  ... I venture to guess the entire story was not depicted. 

    If you want me not to like Donald Trump because you placed a video of him in a sombrero in Ben's answer... I will only tell you that I have empathy for the man.  Anything beyond this point will require me walking through the doors of a University and obtaining a useful degree.  A degree that does not have chemistry or arts attached. 

    I also did not go to school for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  ... It kind of looks like you guys are beating yourselves up.  America has a lot of issues.  NAFTA?... well, Canada kind of doesn't have to buy from you and we definitely don't need to provide free water.  ... just saying.  You don't seem to know what the word 'surplus' means. 

    That could be a Donald thing.  ... yep... we are getting used to that. 



    ... Throwing it out there. 

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