What's your best health advice or health tip to others?

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    Drink lots of milk and eat lots of fish and exercise sensibly..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for fish milk and exercise photosImage result for fish milk and exercise photosImage result for fish milk and exercise photos


    love it!!!


    and keep warm

    My Aunt lived 21 days less than 100. She was always cold and never rested.

    welcome back, Fishie


    Not really here... just love you guys :)

    Drink this nasty concoction everyday ... it will save your life [and your guts]

    Tall glass of water

    1Tsp Apple cider vinegar

    1Tsp lemon juice

    1 shot of cranberry juice

    3 times a day max ... thank me later... xox Lindilou


    Allergic. :)

    great. i'll try that.

    Don't sniff or lick yellow snow......NASTY!!!!


    You're sooooo gross!

    .... and smart too!! lol

    "alicky" :)

    Adhere to the five second rule. Pick it up, brush it off, and eat it. Don’t wash your hands so often. Use the public bathroom. Expose your immune syste. Build up immunities. I suffer the occasional cold. Blow my noa twice, swig some NyQuil, take a shot and sip it. I don’t get sick. Y’all will be the first to know if I do.....


    No.... and you actually are hilarious. The five second rule is massively gross

    Stay away from processed/fast food. Eat real, whole food instead. More time consuming and more expensive? Yes, but worth it in the long run.

    "Pay the farmer now or pay the pharmacist later"!

    Hope for the best.  Eat as healthy as possible.  Love the people around you.  Be thankful and exercise as much as you possibly have time for.... also make artful things.  When you leave this mortal coil your loved ones will hold on to your memory.  Death lasts a flipping long time.  Life is a flit of energy. 

    terryfossil 1

    I break my silence Fish to agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said,although i question how long the memory of someone who is not famous would last,people do move on with their lives..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think we have the generation that follows us. If they like us enough to remember us we might stick around for a few good laughs after death. If they don't care for us... poof! We are 'Dust in the Wind'... not a particularly great song.
    I can tell you that exercise used to be a whole lot easier prior to the age of 50. My doom is staring at me loudly.
    (I have no idea why I think getting old is hilarious and kicking the bucket has comedy attached. I can tell you that I am dressing the part and purchased the most ridiculous running shoes because that is what old people do. ... I am on board. It is liberating.)

    take silver solution for whatever ails ya. It's nature's own antibiotic.  Since I've been putting it in my cat's water. She's doing better. They said last June she's in kidney failture. She's basically doing ok now. She's 16

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