Here we go again..  I have no more words.except what do you reckon.???????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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    His father was a phycopath and on the FBI's most wanted list!  Did he inherit his insanity? Another sad day for America!


    It is a wonder that tourists even think about having a holiday in the it could be their last.

    his father was a violent bank robber. His brother said they didn't even know their father. But, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    I don't believe a person is safe anywhere! Attacks take place everywhere! Not just the USA!

    My prayers for the victims- unfortunately it will happen again until the federal govt. have the guts to stand up to the gun lobbyists and change the law for gun control, to be able to buy a automatic gun from a gun shop is absolutely ludicrous as often the case a military weapon which are designed for one purpose, the killing of human beings - shame shame shame, personally i think this shooting was a crazy not a terrorist.  :(


    I may have hit TD. I’m tired and I thought I hit TU. Sorry. I THINK I corrected my vote.....

    SAD, and it will happen again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Until they stop selling guns to lunatics!

    terryfossil 1

    They are up to about 60 dead,and 12 of the 515 wounded are critical..i do not have words to say anything about it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I woke up to the news at 6:30 this am. They were saying “Earlier this morning “. Threw me, what were that many people doing out in the wee hours? Ok, they corrected themselves and I’ve stayed glued to the tube all day. And you know what’s frightening? The news hasn’t changed except for the dead. Nobody can figure out why? The guy was a millionaire! Played $100 a hand poker for cry yi yi. What pushed his buttons? This is unreal! That and is or is not Tom Petty dead? The world is nuts.....

    ....armed insanity  

    I not only blame the killer, but I blame these companies who  sell military assault- style rifles over the internet or by mail order. The killer sprayed the crowd with his automatic weapon as if it was a lawn sprinkler.There should be an immediate stop from anyone ordering or receiving  these weapons of destruction .

    This is a true tragedy.  Something that hits home and is close to many of us.  Canadians are actually getting used to loosing sons and daughters on vacation finding themselves victims of American gun violence. 

    With this being said, or written down... I looked the second amendment up.  I want to understand why it's just ok to own many more guns than one person could care to use in a single day ... I understand. 

    What is written is clear and true without any possible increment of misunderstanding. 

    It is American.  We should accept that fact.  The words are simply written.  Done deal. 

    The only people who have a right to judge are the people of United States.  The rest of us are just free not to visit if we so choose. 

    Every country other than our own is a complete mystery.  I learned to shoot guns and take care of them in Survival Training while growing up in Alberta Canada.  I would only shoot a gun at a clay pigeon or a target that brought about a prize such as an idiotic fluorescent pink inflatable alien. 

    The Second Amendment and Survival Training whilst studying the great Canadian Frontier from eight to fifteen years of age is massively dis-ordinary.  My experience is hilarious in retrospect even though I know how to shoot and care for a gun has no political aspect attached... Americans take that 'shirt' seriously.  (I can write that because it was on an  American program called, 'The Good Place')... already audited.  ... :D




    In the wake of the hurricane in Puerto Rico, I'm just waiting for the president to say something like "9/11 was a real tragedy" (59 died in Vegas, as opposed to 2,800+ on 9/11).

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