Italy is sending refugees from Lybia right back to Lybia as soon as they get off the boat. They feel too many refugees are too de-stabilizing for their country. Do you agree with that viewpoint?

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    I'd like to live in Hawaii too but I can't just move there even if my life were at risk in Canada. Countries of the world have rules for a reason. That's part of the reason certain countries are appealing. It's called law and order.

    terryfossil 1

    Way to go Duck,TU..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    YES I do!

    If they are not going to be murdered or maimed for being sent back,then they should 100% be sent back,and then if they wish to move to Italy,then they can apply via the right channels,nobody has the right to simply arrive on another countries doorstep and expect entry because you expect to have a better life there,anymore than you would let someone move into your house just because they wanted some of your life that you made for yourself..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    What I don't get is why these people of the world can not sit down and talk with other leaders so that all their citizens will not have to ride boats to other countries, many dying on the way. Many of the leaders are involved with corrupt activities so they are not doing right by their people. The United Nations or some body in governments, need to try to get these leaders in shape so that millions are not on the run like they are now. I saw a show, Democracy Now the other day. So many countries are de-stabilized because of floods or corruptions. I saw an analyst talking recently and he said that if we tore the border wall down on the southern border of the U.S. within 3 months we would have 60 million new people here. I wonder if we could handle that many. The U.S needs to start teaching and talking to other countries so they can learn to live together lawfully, and peacefully. Also 150 million people apply to come here a year. They have a lottery to choose 50 thousand out of that 150 million. I guess people love the US.
    terryfossil 1

    None of those things you mentioned Tab are gonna happen before the return of Christ,,while ever man is in control corruption and greed will grow..i do not think people love USA,but they did see it as an easy target to get into..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    terryfossil 1, I said love in a in a double meaning way.
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry Tab,that is probably why i do not like the word love,it is a confusing word among humans,and to many double meanings,,i guess only Christ knows the true meaning of the word..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    on love, you might be right. I got to think about this one. have a great day!!!
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    Right back at ya Tab..:):):>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, because eventually most if them finish up over here, living off the state. While people like me finish up still working at seventy, just to manage.

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    i hear what you are saying Sunny,you got my vote mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourselves 

    I think the U.S. should send back a lot of refugees too, b/c there's not enough good paying jobs here for Americans, let alone foreigners. Most of the time they  come in illegally anyway .

    Depends on what will happen to them if they’re sent back. There is a reason, probably good, for leaving in the first place. I’m up the fence on this one. Did Italy ever have opened arms? What would make the refugees to flock there? Where else are refugees running to? Italy, surely, is not the  country facing this connumdrum. I’d take a family if they had plans in the makin......


    Once they are in Europe they have an easy root to the UK Julie.
    And when they get here, they get a council house, social security, bus pass, free medical treatment, the list is endless.

    If disaster strikes we should remain on our little plot of land and we should hope to God or any other great goodness up in the sky that a miracle will appear if we just stand still. 

    Yep.  That works out really well.  .... if I don't walk in 'my own shoes' right now. 


    I don't know Tabby Tabs, I have read the words of Jesus.  He is all of us.  The point is he died on the cross for our sins and our strengths.  We are all.  We are Jesus.  We are God.  ... That is what it means to me.  If we can't lift ourselves up then we are not that... which is God. 


    ... it will take us a long time to get there.  ... sadly. 

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