What makes you feel more secure in your home, an alarm system, a dog(s) or both or neither?

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    Smoke alarms are worth considering, they actually save lives.

    @BM....Will a smoke alarm let me know when there is a burglar coming through my window? lol

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    I prefer a doggy security alarm

    I had a German Shepard mix named Hercules ( I didn't give him his name). I was not the least bit afraid of being alone in my house as long as I had ole Herc. I believe he would have laid his life down to protect me.

    terryfossil 1

    That little guy would only take little bites,but lots of them,those little guys have got more guts than brains..:):):)..<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..
    country bumpkin

    They are mean little b*******s! LOL

    ....all of the above plus a weapon 



    Maybe both plus 1 gun..and i do not mean a bazooka..these days the law will not probably save,but they might find the guy that robbed or killed ya..which really is not gonna do you that much good..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Call me a glutton for punishment but I'm just not afraid. I have a gun lockrd in a safe which combination I've forgotten and a disassembled shotgun that needs the ammo. I often fail to lock the doors. There are breakins around the neighborhood but we honestly don't have anything worth stealing except a disassembled shotgun......


    they can steal you

    A dog for the alarm system. Guns for protection. Neighbors that look out for each other.

    my step-daughter's house was broken into a few months ago-- - - -They took everything. She got ADT alarm system the next day and feels better now.

    None of the above. I just make sure my windows and doors are secured. I've always thought that if someone wants to steal from me or do me harm, they will. Criminal types have it all figured out. After all, that's what they do for a "living", right? As a Canadian, I can't even imagine having a gun and being prepared shoot someone!

    No guns.... that would be weird as I am Canadian.  We have an alarm system and a very yappy dog.  Her brother had a heart attack about five months ago and passed away in my arms.  He was crazy yappy.  I have a new next door neighbour dog who protects the entire block.  He pretty much barks all night long at the homeless people who have taken up camp on the plot of land behind my house.  Those people regularly go shopping for free in my back yard.  That makes my dog and the next door neighbour dog go crazy. 

    I don't think anything will help if someone really wants to hurt you.  I do want my hedge trimmers back though. 

    Dont want any video, it just provides evidence. Crossbow is silent and deadly. Roosters do their best work at night when allowed. You wouldn't think so , but they can. Even the dogs stay away from the roosters. I have only seen one animal challenge the roosters, it was the male roadrunner. 


    BEEP BEEP!!!

    I  agree Ducky, 100 %, he who lives by the gun shall die by the gun,

    terryfossil 1

    Tell that to the coppers Kent..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I can't imagine being the ones who have authority to use a gun to protect those of us who DON'T carry guns. They seem, as a group, to be highly disrespected these days and treated as though they are the enemy.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Duck,,well duck,when you look at what goes on with the cops in the USA,,it does make you wonder..seen another one the other day,where a cop tried to arrest a nurse at a hospital,very worring sight..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Saw it too. These kinds of actions are horrendous. ALL cops are like this? I think you may have reason to be biased terry?
    terryfossil 1

    Do not be silly Quacker,,all cops are not like this..but more likely to be like this in USA..that is not something i would say of some other countries..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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