He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds....................

    C'mon, most of us know it, but how do you interpret it?


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    Star man is most likely different to us humans in physical form, most likely be repelled by him and if you are an American shoot first ask questions later.


    No tin can is safe around me......

    I would say , he would be more afraid of you than him, Jules Oakly. lol.

    ....sorry, I was never a fan.


    See my comment to Terry.

    ???? You've got me Roy.Maybe he was having a premonition about Mr.Trump.


    Ah well, at least Kent got the gist of my question.
    Hope you are feeling good mate.

    I miss Bowie. Unfortunately, I need all the words to xlate....


    You have google, don't you?

    Yeah but little time. I have to make room for akaqa. Sorry excuse. Hang while I look it up. Wil get back to this....

    There's a star man waiting in the sky. I think it's prophetic. He knew he was dying and it's a message for his fans. Or I'd like to think so...... dang. I've got the album still and it's downloaded on my phone. Have to stop and listen to it (Bowie words) again......

    He made up a world.  He developed music and sang about it.  He freely admitted that he was largely stoned at the time.  Jim Morrison did the same thing.  Kurt Cobain was a totally stoned genius. 

    This is not a subject that does not apply to writers, comedians, or artists of any kind.  They walk to the edge of personality, express themselves as they see fit.. the minute they are sober it seems to get boring.  Human beings are complex. 

    David Bowie... the resilience of the man is actually the art. 

    *Not to discriminate as many great artists have been sober for their entire life times. 


    Sounds like he is way up himself mate,,after all he is only a singer of songs,i am not sure that qualifies him for greatness,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    A singer that wrote great songs, with meaningful lyrics, you don't really need to be a fan to interpret those words.

    he is a mind blower, always has been  that how a lot of creatives are.

    As he died last year he may be referring to himself.


    Premonition perhaps!

    I thought he was dead 


    Not what I asked!

    I must be missing something. I have no idea what this question about the late David Bowie means!


    C'mon Sis, google "Ziggy Stardust" and see what that tells you.

    Huh? Where is "Ziggy Stardust" appearing in this question? What or who is that and how would I know from this question? Can you tell I'm not a Bowie fan?

    Yes, I can tell, nuff said!

    He DID have one song that I really liked but of course, I don't know the name of it. I also thought that he was "an interesting character" for sure.

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