How is your day today and how are you feeling?

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    I'm too pooped to pop. Awake at 5:30 and out the door by 8:00 am.  


    I had several errands to take care of today so awake at 5:30 am, out the door by 8:00 and back home at 4:45 pm.  I finally had a chance to set down and rest my feet when Roy came home from work.  Thank you ASDA for delivering our groceries and thank you for frozen ready meals.  LOL


    country bumpkin, maybe I misread something. what does @Tabber??? mean. thank you .
    country bumpkin

    The @ before someones' name means what will be said is specifically for you to read. It seems to be used often when more than one person has commented to an answer and when a person is trying to grab the attention of one particular individual. day is great and I feel with my fingers


    I just read a survey yesterday on the internet that said when you feel great, you live longer. if you forget your age you live longer too.

    Quiet. Woke early and have been happily all alone with the exception of the cats. They played in the cotton as I plucked it. I watered the ground cherries and ivy. All done with no interruptions. Quiet and happy. Thanks for asking.....

    Good.  The Air Show has ended.  Our skies have cleared after a small rain... there was a lot of smoke because of the fires in the interior.  We are going to the last meeting tonight before half the block decides how to sell the houses, (OCP change in our neighbourhood)... and as weird luck may have it, my husband might, (small odd ball chance), get a week off so that we can discover our 'brave new world' of where we are going to live next. 

    Thanks for asking. :)

    Benthere really have to move ?

    There is little available land here. The new bridges are complete linking Vancouver Proper to the rest of the Lower Mainland. People are moving out to the valley. We live in the middle of a down town revitalization plan set forth by our city council.
    My husband and I were facing our final push for renovations when contractors told us not to waste our money. No one would work on our house in good conscience.

    It is great that our city is changing however, with the mountains and untouchable farmland something has to go. The 'has to go' is a swath right down the middle of our city which includes us and our neighbours. ... No one wants to be the last house ...ever. That is just crazy. You might as well call yourself a Disney movie and attach balloons to your house.

    ....certainly hope you and your family are being compensated fairly for all the improvements

    We are being proactive. At the moment the prices are high for land. It is a balance between square feet and how many doors can be placed. The land behind us is now owned by a company based in Seoul Korea but is actually Vietnamese.
    Last year houses in this area gained value of $200,000.00 and it just keeps climbing. Small houses on big lots. Developers, Holding Companies and an influx of 30,000 people within the next 10 to 15 years.
    There are people who are holding out. I have witnessed this in Surrey... it did not work out well for my friends.

    ....good luck to Fish-Ola and family
    ....this is on my prayer list

    I have thanked you many times before on this sight.
    ... My son is now performing a comedy routine as I attempt to write this note ... he is hilarious and skinny. I think he may have found his future. We thought he might become an engineer. ... I believe the comedy is going to take over.
    ... with that aside. Thanks. You are a special person. Your words, thoughts and faith matter. I appreciate this as you have had positive impact upon my life.

    Now, I finally get to say goodbye. You are a really good person.

    Blessings, K


    Great for you, discovering the brave new world. That's what a good life is all about.

    (It's) Monday morning, I'm feeling down...

    Am hoping it will get better,we are waiting for a doctor to come see the wife,she has been home 2 days from a hip replacement and things do not seem to be working out,but thanks for asking..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    country bumpkin

    I hope V begins feeling better soon.
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks CB,the doctor came,then called an Ambulance,and she is still in hospital with Pneumonia....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    Oh geez, My thoughts are with you. Keep us posted.
    terryfossil 1

    They got it wrong,she is now in an isolation ward as they say she has the Influenza Virus B..She may be coming home tomorrow,It is a wait and see tactic..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    you are sure welcome and God keep blessing and keeping your family!
    country bumpkin

    @ Tabber???

    Any day that I don't have cancer is a good day   :-) 

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