China does not want United States to bomb N. Korea. If U.S. does so first, China says they are on side of N.Korea. What do you think?

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    Bend over and kiss your A** goodbye.

    ....China is protecting the $$$$ trail from N. Korea and the U.S.

    Prez Trump basically said if N.Korea bombs Guam, we are going to bomb N.Korea. He didn't say we'd bomb them first. That was the 2nd G. Bush that said  we're going to do " a preemptive strike''  

    He was an a- - -  

     China could easily get shot of the little fat nutter running North  Korea. America has every right to defend itself , if North Korea attacks American soil , Guam or anywhere else who are American Allies , they should be wiped off the face of the earth.    

    China will not do anything , because they dont want to get involved. Obama sent 4 supply ships off coast ready for use. There probably are more now. The USA has the ability to destroy any missle shot at us, guam , or any other u s territory.  Maybe the military wants North Korea to shoot at USA, there lies the opportunity to destroy their pitiful little leader once and for all. 


    What zorro? No digs at liberals on this. It's no matter that I agree with you.....

    No, they have enough emotional problems than me adding to their mental crisis.

    I'm afraid. I believe we are going to war. I believe we are the more powerful and we would win, be victorious but not without a great loss of life. All for the sake of our toes. The two great egos should duke itout on their own terms. Kiss and mak up and make friends. "Walk softly and carry a big stick" said a great president who choosed to avoid war......

    China didn't exactly say that.   


    I thought China said they would be neural unless the US struck 1st. Is this wrong what I heard?

    They said, 'neutral' then they issued other statements. It sounded as if they would think about things if the entire thing got ugly not that they would stick up for North Korea.
    Think about it... exporting to North Korea or exporting to United States, Canada, the entire body of Europe ... zing!... Sticking up for a very unusual man that basically starves one third of his people... if China gets involved a lot of customers will loose the buying plot. North Korea is a lot smaller than the rest of us combined. Walmart is bigger than North Korea.

    All sides have now backed down. Thank goodness. Unfortunately reality television has set in once again.
    My heart goes out to you clu. It is mind boggling. You can be certain that countries other than yours are not on the same page as your guy in the White House. Empathy needs to be a far bigger word than it currently is for you and people like you.
    Fake news is the National Enquirer and Us magazine... not what really happens in real life as we are watching it on Canadian television.
    But, hey... next week something more outrageous will happen in every day America. ... I am mourning your loss before it happens. Your country was so much better than this.
    I hope it can be great again. My heart goes out to you as a person, as an American citizen and what America actually stands for. ... really stands for.

    Yes there is always something happening here! Now we have have Neo-Nazi's exciting riots in the South! I am sorry that (our?) leader seems to be living on another planet He STILL scares me to death!

    ... Right there with you. This is really difficult to watch.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can say ... at all. I wake up, turn on the news... every day seems more insane than the one that just passed.

    In my heart I think you have a definite problem. I know America is better than this. What we are seeing right now as citizens of other countries... argh! You guys can tick us off at times and that is ok because it actually is fun to love and get ticked off at America sometimes. You are bigger than us therefor, you win. However... none of us signed up for this 'art of the deal' insanity.
    Canadians didn't get to vote. You are right next door. ... This garbage that spews out of your president's mouth is in no way how Canadians think. The Trump brand is done. We don't like that ... him
    There are not words to express how sorry I am for you. I doubt they will be invented within the next one hundred years.

    China did exactly say that, that they would remain neutral if N. Korea struck American territory first. However, they would not remain neutral if America strikes N. Korea first, then they would be on the side of N. Korea.

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