Do you like music festivals and who have you seen at one?

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    Never been to one. I don't like those big mobs of people who, for the most part, seem to go there to drink and drug. There used to be an annual one here which was shut down because of the drunken brawls, and damage to surrounding private properties.     :(


    Well Ducky, you do have to watch out for those mobs of people, especially after midnight when people have been drinking all evening. I was at a concert at Oakland, Coliseum. I was sitting in the front, by the stage, about 4 rows back, in chairs. The band playing started throwing t-shirts down into the crowd. That's when the stamped occurred. People fell, chairs flew. people got run over and I managed to run off the floor. needless to say I never got that close to a stage again.

    "You innocently go to hear some great music and end up with a chair in your skull" says some poor sucker lying in emergency! See tabber, the Duck knows! lol

    I remember attending a music fest either in Kentucky or Tennesse when I was a kid. Lots of fun., involves too many people 

    The last festival I went to was The Kerville Folk Festival. Numerous bands and stalls and people. I didn't listen though, I attended to sell feathered roach clips. Made a few bucks.....

    country bumpkin

    LOL.... This must have been in the 80's. I had a couple of the feather roach clips. What a great hat accessory. :))

    Yes.  Lots.  I lived in Edmonton which is considered Festival City.  Matchbox 20, Everclear, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, (dating me), and one thousand others.  I also have had booths at all sorts of outdoor venues.  ... a lot of names I can't remember.  The Caribbean Music Festivals are by far the most fun.  "Everybody dance!" 


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