Same sex marriage..???????

    Should the people of a country have a say on whether they want same sex marriage legal in their country,,our sitting government wants a plebiscite vote to see if Australians agree or disagree,the labour opposition who agree with same sex marriage just wants the law changed in favour without the people having a say..should people have a say on the laws of their country..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

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    if the citizens of any country that do not, and cannot vote, therefore not having a say in the laws of their land, the politicians or kings or demigods, or whatever creatures are ruling, should immediately be put out of office.  If people vote for same sex whatever, that should be the law. We are here for people, We're not here for the law. The law is here for us. . . for us, to help people function in their given society.

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    And if they vote no to same sex,then that should be accepted also,,we are now in the middle of voting yes or no,so far over 9 million people have voted,,that is interesting seeing as how this is not a compulsory vote as it is in most of our elections..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    ....opinion: I think we the people ought to elect our Supreme Court instead of them being appointed 

    I don't have a problem with same sex marriage anywhere anytime, I also think governments should pass new laws in their respective countries, after all, that's why we vote, to have our representatives do what his/her constituents want.

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    Interesting story here Roy..if it is not legal how can you divorce..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Interesting it is, Australia will have to get its act together regarding their ban on same sex marriage methinks.
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    i am not keen on other countries telling us what we can or not do in Aussie Roy.countries being different is what gives them their individuality..Aussie does not really agree with USA gun laws and neither does most of the rest of the world,but it is their law,so be it.. ??.>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Odd that the gun issue has faded from the news. Maybe because the whole Trump clan carries guns. I imagine they feel the need for their guns now more than ever, as they must surely live in fear of what could happen next, due to dozens of daily and non-sensical tweeting and attacking from "the big tough guy".

    What a lot of brouhaha to spend a whole pile of money on Terry.I mean....who really cares? And is it anybody elses business who marries who as long as it's not incestuous? The idiots in Canberra could have settled this a long time ago without wasting time & money on a bloody POSTAL PLEBISITE for god's sake.Whether you agree with it or not,what difference is it going to make to your life if the couple next door are both males/females.I say get on  with it Canberra,Do your job & govern for a change.

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    Turnbull is only going with the policy the liberals took to the election with Abbot,,Shorten agreed with a plebisite ,and then he back pedalled,,i know you say you are an Athiest so it probably does not matter to you Tom..but Aussie is still predomitally Christian and it would be impossible for a bible believing christian to agree with gays..but we are a democratic country,and we must abide by the law of the land,although not always agreeing with ask what diffence does it make if it becomes law..from a Christian point of view,,it would be a moral dive..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..BTW Tom.the plebisite would cost 170 million,the postal vote only 122 million,,bit of a saving there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I just think that there are bigger issues to spend $122M on Terry.
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    You are right there Tom..$122 million is not a figure that the likes of me and you could really understand..however nothing a government of any country anywhere in the world does is ever cheap..All the best mate,i hope things are going well for you ,( health wise )..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Thanks Terry.Chemo starts again in 2 weeks.The "C" has moved to my Limnph nodes.
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    Sorry to hear that Tom,,heads up old mate,and keep up the good fight,i seem to be knocking around hospitals lately,,my brother in law is in the latter stages of Myeloma,and i just now got home from the hospital where my wife had a hip replacement today,,this getting on in years is not what it is cracked up to be,,but we are from the old school and we just keep keeping on,,all the best Tom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @Tommy....I'm sending all of my love, prayers, hopes and thoughts to you and your family. Please get better.

    Once again,thanks guys.I love your support. :)

    Yes I believe they should.

    I have nothing against same sex marriage, as long as it's a civil marriage ie not in church. Marriage was intended for a man and a women to produce children, and that can not be achieved without those two people.

    I have nothing against same sex couples being a couple, they can do what they like in private, I don't care. There are a lot of things that take place between straight couples , and straight people in general which is disgusting . I don't mind as long as it is in private.

    I do object to having gay couples sticking their tongues down each others throats on the TV soaps at 7.30pm almost every evening, that is not necessary  when children are watching. A lot of people have complained to the TV companies, only to be told that it is done to reflect life, as it is now. Well not in my world it's not, if someone snogs someone of the same sex in my company , they would be told to stop.

    Yes I know I can turn the switch off, but I and others who don't want to see this on the television, should not have it rammed down our throats every evening ( if you would pardon the expression).

    Yes by all means let them marry, but not in church.  


    Empathy is the word of the day.


    The whole point of my answer is, that I should be able to watch a family television programme at 7.30pm any evening, with my family, with out having to see two men with their tongues down each others throats. if they want to put this on the television, it should be late at night . I'm sure a lot of people like to watch it, I don't

    Yes! Image result for kangaroo love

    I don't know why everyone has  their knickers in a not, whether we agree with it or not . same sex     marriage will be introduced, it will not be smooth road religious wise, it will settle down to be part of history.

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    You are right mate,it will eventually get here,,and then the road heads downhill,,i say that from a Christian point of view Kent..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Same sex marriag is up to the individuals. If two people are in love, best friends, life partners and dedicated then they should, by all means, be married IF THATS WHAT THEY CHOOSE.  It's nobody else's business, government or otherwise. Butt out.....

    I don't mind if people are gay but I don't like them dragging children into a same sex marriage, b/c every child has the right to have both a mother and and a father in the home. Children need both a mother and a father for their pycho-socio- sexual  development. Plus, marriage is sacred. The Bible says a man shall leave his mother and his father and cleave to his wife.

    Don't attack me for my views 


    Life doesn't always work that way. Children love their parents.. that is the deal. A massive amount of man-woman relationships have ended with children who view life in an extremely negative way based upon information delivered to them from a man and a woman who are their biological parents.
    I am not attacking you. I actually have a family friend who is going through h*** because their very religious son-in-law raped all of his children, those of others and his nieces and nephews.

    It looked like the perfect family on the outside according to God. ... It definitely was not.

    Two or one person loving their children no matter what, through thick and thin is God's deal. It does not matter how a child arrived. Children are here and they must be taken care of with love and care.

    The youngest son who was the whistle blower is now going through gender re-assignment surgery. He does not want to be male any more.
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    You are right MCM,however your opinion stated is only believed by Christians who believe in the Bible..and as time goes on more and more people will walk away from the bible teaching,and we know where that ends..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Should everyone have a right to vote?  Yes.  Vote on whatever you want. 

    There are penguins who are homosexual on this planet.  I am certain if we wait long enough we can also vote on that issue. 


    Gay happens.  It is not abnormal or against the law. 


    Love doesn't have a vote.  It just is. 


    worms are asexual

    Snails have it all going on and Clownfish can change their sex when the need arises. :)

    Same sex every time. Gets boring doesn't it?


    LMBO :-D

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