What was the stupidest name you ever gave a pet?

    I adopted a kitten once that was so ugly (upper half long hair, bottom half short haired) I named her KISS ME so she'd have some love in her life.......

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    Image result for trump hamsterDonald!


    My son's grade two teacher named on of the Guinea Pigs in the Classroom Donald and one that looked similar to the one you presented, Trump. ... The teacher is my friend. Every once in a while I ask her if she is going to change the names. I am imagining eventually she will :D Or not. She has a morbid sense of humor.

         A goldfish named Tarantula.


    A Dachsund cross named T.E.

    Do you want to know what the initials meant?

    Think about it for a while.

    Maybe I will post it in a comment & the admin will miss it. LOL

    country bumpkin

    Still scratching my head over this one. LOL

    Turd Eyes. :)
    country bumpkin

    Now how was I ever supposed to guess that! LOL

    I got a white cat from a friend that had about 10 cats. Her cats ran the house. We worked together at a newspaper when I was 22.  I was the one and only typesetter for a 48 page weekly newspaper.  She was the editor. I took the cat home and thought it was a boy.  I named it Christopher. Many months later somebody told me it was a girl.  We just continued to call it Christopher.


    the name Chris is androgenus

    Back in the days of typesetting with lead? I also worked at a newspaper years ago.

    mycatsmom is Christopher androgenus as well?

    Cute not stupid.....a dog named "Kitty". Always got a laugh especially when I called "Here Kitty, here Kitty".

    A cat named Stupid.

    I once had a miniature dachshund called 'Willy'. Small boys found the name very amusing and asked if his name was really Willy.


    Americans might need a Brit to explain this!

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