Trump Says That Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military.What do you think?

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    More importantly, what do his military leaders think about his latest twitter announcement ("after consulting with the military") about which they have stated, they knew nothing. The man simply thrives on chaos, fear and deception. I have to wonder how long his mirror image Scaramucci will last. 'Muuch' had better keep up the "kissing" or he'll be next.


    Good for you, duck and thanks.....

    I think Trump's bad behavior is just terrible. I don't get why people support him, other than they stick with the 'party'. How can that override what he says and does?

    It's a movie in the making ever single day. ... this week was beyond interesting.

    ....treat others as you want to be treated


    Said from an ex-marine point of view?

    ....freedom for all (like us)

    I don't really give a s&$t, but being ex-military I would have a few misgivings about anyone who wasn't completely committed to their job and had more "troubles" about their personal life.

    If you've got problems, you can't commit 100%, not good enough in my book.


    You think all military people have no problems? Please show me where! ALL people have some problem.
    terryfossil 1

    Your answer Roy,is the answer most military personnel would give,and the right answer considering it involves military personnel..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Clu is correct. My husband is retired Canadian Airforce still working in the private sector on Canadian military contracts. No one goes out alone. Ever. What Donald Trump tweeted this week about Transgender human beings is in humane and definitely not by military standards as they stand today in Canada or The United States.
    giving a @&$& is the only option. Otherwise I have no idea why we in Canada still value the Monarchy.
    You seem not to care about the world.

    Three military coffins. Which one contains the transgendered?


    The first one.

    Yes he is absolutely ?right , it's bad enough that they are every where else. Hear in the UK you can't  have adverts that have any suggestion of gender.  You mustn't suggest that a job is more suitable for men or women. Oh well? Its Saturday, I'm off to the pub, when I can find my high heels , and stockings and suspenders. 


    You going with Dennis?
    Remember to behave Dave!
    terryfossil 1

    TU Dave..the name of the pub is not the Blue Garter is it mate..????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    You have honestly got to be kidding me.

    Wow... lets just go back to jailing and or chemical castration for being homosexual.


    terryfossil 1


    Lol lol lol.

    It's a darn disgrace!!! No two ways about it!!!


    The tweet or the subject?

    I think he/ she means the idea

    As you might have guessed I think Trump is WACKO!  Sorry to offend anyone but he has all the traits of a dictator! DON'T LIKE HIM!


    From this side of the
    Great North American Line .... you are so completely correct.
    I am still trying to be open minded but, and unfortunately ... it is now a large stretch. The 'going forward' is now movie content.
    The Man appears to be completely insane.

    ....sorry to all as well.

    It matters not to me if transgender people are in the military 


    Does it matter that your President says no?

    Clonge asked what do we think about trans people being in the military

    Ducky asked "Does it matter that your President says no"?

    Not surprising,i am with Trump,i have a son who has been in Police,Army and border patrol,,and regardless of what the generals say,the foot soldier says no to transgender.and they do the fighting and sleeping with these people..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    The generals haven't said that they agree nor disagree. Trump clearly stated that he had "consulted with his military". He had not! He is caught in yet another lie. The U.S.A. is not one of Trump's businesses to be solely controlled by him and his family.

    Transgendered persons receive no special treatment in boot camp nor in the field. They choose to play with the big boys and know the rules. "These people" are people no matter how you do and don't think about it. They bleed red as well....
    terryfossil 1

    Thats okay JH,i do not believe women should be in the front line either,,but thats just me,everyone to his or her own..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    But ter, the woman has to follow the same protocols. Same number of sit ups, chin ups, climb the same walls and crawl under the flying bullets just like the men. If they can't make it, they're out just like a man would be. If they do make it then more power to them and God help the enemy; a woman tends to be a tad more aggressive then their males counterparts....

    By the by, the question doesn't refer to women, it ask about transgendered and more than likely it's MEN doing the transgression. So, what's the dif?
    terryfossil 1

    JH.i wonder why i am the only male to have answered this thread..even Clonge who put up the question has given no opinion..?????? you think there is any relevance.. ?????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    clonge never expresses a side or comment beyond humor. I feel strongly about the decision. I'll argue my point until I'm blue. Hey! I live with a cripple who has no opinion cept what's next to eat and that trump is a fool plus dunking any kind of exercise.....

    No hate or judgement, but I do agree with Chad.;theater


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