do doctors have to MRI scan to officially diagnose a mental illness?

    it would seem kinda strange because things like my claustrophobia can be involved with it i think, i am deathly afraid to get in one, ever since being a child i have fought my way out of having to do it....

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    I don't believe that mental illness shows on an MRI but apparently the medical profession is now questioning that fact. However, should you ever have to have an MRI for whatever reason, they can sedate you. No need to worry. You won't do anything but sleep while it's being done, so it will be over before you know it.
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    My same thought. :)

    .... I recently had an MRI; it made weird noises.
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    It was more than likely your stomach rumbling for ice cream. :)


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     Magnetic Resonance Imaging should not be required because its accuracy has not been proven. 

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    No Brain Scans for Mental Illness

    There is something called a SPECT scan ...

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    ....MRI indicates abnormalities

    ....I don't think it shows chemical imbalances 

    I had to have an MRI for my spine,Yes things do get a bit closed in in there,if you have a problem with that sort of machine,they can put you in a open Mri scan,,however they may use a MRI on your head to find a physical reason for your actions..but unlikely,however speak to your doctor about it..Here is a photo of the 2 different MRI machines..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. Image result for mri scan machineImage result for mri scan machine

    They let you wear earplugs and listen to music. They put pillows and rolled up towels around you to make you comfortable. They give you a button to push if you want the MRI to stop.

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