London Emergency..

    Here we go again,is anybody feeling Deja vu,is it all becoming matter of fact,,after all,is it not just another bad guy any way to stop this,time to stop pussy footing..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..;oq=london+emergency&amp;aqs=chrome..0j69i57j0l4.23947j0j7&amp;sourceid=chrome&amp;ie=UTF-8

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    Well Terry , we have 23,000 suspected Islamic terrorists on the watch list in the UK, more than 400 ISIS terrorists who have returned from Syria, who are being watched . This won't stop until these people are taken off the streets.

    T U, Sunny .

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    Unfortunately, these mass attacks follow a theme. More unfortunately, we all have to walk on eggshells lest our political un-correctness offend liberal loud mouths. 

    A good place to start is pulling your head out of the sand and acknowledging this is not acceptable for ANY reason, then taking steps to isolate those who most fit the profile of attackers. 

    I'm very much in favor of an immigration moratorium and major reform. 

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    You and Pauline Hanson are very similar in outlook Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Common sense
    terryfossil 1

    Common sense is not that common Bob,sadly..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Very true.

    Our world is becoming less and less safe by the week. It's sad to see people killed, simply because some will believe wrong information from a 'leader', whomever that may be.      :((

    Time to get tough with those who openly support these terrorist organisations. Those who travel to Syria, Libya, Iraq, should not be allowed to return,take away their passports, and any that manage to return to the UK should be locked up. 

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    Check this thread Sunny,see how many times the word muslim is written,even here people are frightened to say the word muslim for fear they will be branded,how do we do anything about this if we do not talk about it..whether we like it or not these terrorists are rooted in the islam religion,,the majority of muslim is supposed to be peace loving,,i see heaps of western people speaking about the terrorists,where is this majority of peaceful muslims speaking out..?????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Yes you are right Terry, you don't hear much from the so called peace loving muslims .
    The annoying part is , the security services know who most of the radicalized ones are . The law needs to be changed, so that they can get them off the streets, before they have chance to murder innocent people.
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    Just seen a few muslims come out in support of the injured in London Sunny,and quite a lot of Imams have refused to bury the terrorists,and they called for all Imams to follow is a good sight to see i think..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Yes that's a good thing Terry, if they stick to it. The also need to be making sure no one in these mosques are using the place to radicalize others.

    ....squeeze the $$$ from the infidels and their country if they won't/can't control the killers

    terryfossil 1

    Benny.???..isis is telling them to go out in the streets and homes and kill the infidels,isis gets its money from oil and other countrys that support them..and an infidel Benny,is anybody who does not follow islam..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    This is beyond blaming a religion.  We are not looking closely... where did it begin? ... That we all know. And, who is funding this violent movement?  

    This extreme radical relious-based terrorist war on humanity, which could realistically have almost any religion attached, is receiving funds in order to fuel the collective hatred within all of its levels.  

    Guns, bombs, food, clothing, transportation and shelter are being provided.  Someone is paying for the training camps and someone is paying to keep the Internet recruiters alive.  

    The terrorists are just the front line. When they die no one can ask them any questions. How convenient.  

    Keeping our streets safe is really about following the money trail first.  


    ....thank you, Fish-Ola

    trump says to be vigilant. Those guys on the bridge should have been looking back or at the least been aware of their surroundings. I suppose it is their own fault for getting hurt or dead. Vigilant.     I was not surprised when I heard the news. I was in fact waiting for something to happen on that bridge. Seems a likely target. Relived that the killers are dead. Funny, they were wearing fake explosives. Suicide by the law maybe. What is so great that someone is willing to die for it?


    I thought they removed London Bridge and sold it to some guy in Arizona, some years ago, like in the 70s.
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    JH???,you suppose it is their own fault for getting hurt or dead..??????????? i am gonna put that comment down to whatever you are smoking..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1 was sold in 1967,to be built across the :bridgewater channel canal in lake havasu Arizona.check out Wiki's Link..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I seem to remember that the guy who bought London Bridge thought he was buying Tower Bridge.

    No, ter, I was typing tongue in cheek. I was making fun of trump. I suppose the victims just weren't being diligent....

    Groups know groups. Tribes know people in their tribe, and what they will do and won't do. People know the culture they were raised in. When President Trump was in Saudi Arabia, television news showed a clip where he was talking to a room full of royal, and rich Saudi people,  He was asking them to help fight the radical people, some of them were looking at the president like he was speaking Greek. Last night a man was talking about one of the London bombers and how they felt he was too radical and they wanted him to leave their place of worship. Another woman kept holding and rubbing her neck as she talked about this family that were radicalizing their kids.  How do these people know such things.  Because people know their family and tribe members, and what they do and what they kind of think. If people were not scared maybe there could become a way that people would strongly work with their tribe members, in an effort to combat beheadings, stabbings, car bombs, fire settings, etc.  Maybe government or presidents of the world could reward tribal/cultural groups that try to work against these dangerous activities, which is very very difficult to get people to go against family members and support groups.

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