You have any advice for President Donald Trump ?

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    Stop talking?

    Close mouth! Open ears! Look inward! Stop blaming!


    How about, when people shoot barbs at you, "just DUCK!"

    Keep your hands in your pockets when you are talking and get a haircut.:)

    Keep on saying it how it is, be honest,  don't let the press and the leftie liberals destroy  you , that's what they are out to do.


    I guess the F.B.I are all lefties too. ... just saying. :( You have to remember this is a country that absolutely hated Obama as well.
    Hopefully all of the special committees now appointed find nothing at all. The truth is neither left or is just the truth.

    I think at the moment it is very much a "Me against them.', and, "It was their fault not mine.". Which is quite sad as the position of the President of the Untied States of America is one of the most important offices in the world and therefore largely admired. ... Except now. It really is not anyone's fault but Donald Trump's.

    I am neither left or right. I always vote for the person best suited for the position. We also have far more choices in Canada.

    don't cut so many things and kill so many jobs that you are seeking to create. Listen to people and smart people like tony robbins, who is a great communicator, like yourself. listen to your daughter, ivanka. hopefully we can get a great legacy from the trumps and have a positive legacy for the kids to run things. if things don't work well people will write a bad legacy for the trump name. try to keep peace and verbally negotiate with north korea and other countries. stop bomb dropping and no no no nuclear bombs on anybody. good luck!!!

    Do something to impress me like admitting mistakes, read the newspaper and instead of screaming so unprofessionally, admit your faults. Become a human being. LISTEN to all sides. Let all men be my superior so that I may learn from them.....

    Get out of this current mess, (The F.B.I. fiasco).  Make a concerned effort to stop the, "Us against Them" and restore some kind of credibility for the government of the United States globally.  Oh yes, stop inviting wing nut and suspicious leaders to the White House for secret meetings.  It is really making you look very guilty of what-ever-the heck. 

    Don't build that wall.  Employ people instead to monitor the situation such as the Coast Guard and Boarder Patrol.  Employment goes a lot further regarding economy than building something that only looks and is, in fact, completely offensive then ultimately brings no revenue back to your country except for minor repairs conducted by a small team of qualified workers.  Think of the Income Tax... it's a beautiful thing.  :)  (Joking Bobette)

    Find an off camera job for Kellyanne Conway because now it's becoming completely unfair.  Obviously the script she is given at any point in time is not current when she arrives on camera for an interview. ... And, please, please find a respectable job for Sean Spicer... the media rips that poor guy apart almost daily. 

    Above all else, be accountable.  That is your job over and above anything else.  Accountability is the most important thing... do that and the people of your country will rally behind you.  Twitter and spinning the truth aside... everyone will rally behind you if you prove that you are actually accountable.  The crazy making will stop on both sides of the aisle. 




    Build the wall. 

    Surround yourself with honesty and integrity.

    Don't give the "media" the satisfaction of acknowledging their fabrications.

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