State of California enacts legislature to hire communists for state positions.

    As much as America has fought against communism, this is an incredible gesture. Wonder what veterans and  families who lost loved ones in Viet Nam and Korea, and current military think 

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    Marxist, Communist, LGBTist, Socialist, Demoncratist, Whateverist, it seems the State of California are just taking this question out of the requirement for getting Government jobs, as it should be.

    They say this, the state Assembly approved a bill that would delete references to the party from its employment requirements.

    Sounds good to me.



    Yes, seriously.
    All forms should be non-discriminative.

    Do you not see the potential problems inherent is having communist employees in a republic form of government?
    terryfossil 1

    Should that requirement be taken out when applying for non government jobs guys..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I've never seen an application ask for political affiliation, Terry. The screening for jobs that require fingerprints or are related to any form of government may one day need to require allegiance. Opening the barn door or pasture gates can let in all sorts of predators. The ones who jump over the fence or slither under the door are bad enough.
    terryfossil 1

    Times Bob,they are a changing,,<<<<<<>>>>>>>..

    IMO political views are a persons private business, I have worked with many people with totally different political and religious beliefs, never seen any trouble bar one time, and that one was because the person was a member of a banned organization, being a communist doesn't mean you are a threat to a company or anyone.

    Like I said to Fish-O, in this crazy state, anything is possible. I don't want Communists involved in my government.

    the theory of communism is supposed to be okay,meaning all are equal,but then the party is run by a head of the party,so all are no longer equal,,hence the reason communism does not and cannot work..the fact so many people have died to keep communism out of their country,i would hate to think they died for nothing Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Communism has taken many twists and turns since The Dark Days of "Communism" in your country.  Darn it anyway... even a Communist doesn't know they are one now.  True Communism does not exist as the center of the ideal is that all people no matter what role they play within a society are equal.  Find that on the Globe. 

    The problem with Communism is clearly pointed out with paragraph after paragraph of rhetoric pertaining to the scenery and all brilliant and less than brilliant minds... clear as day in everything that Ayn Rand wrote ... including the most boring stuff.  The cream always rises.  Opportunity very rarely blesses the under privileged and the true concept of Communism is completely impossible. 

    Someone will always become greedy.  That is human nature.  Communism is an ideal that can not be attained.  I wouldn't worry. 



    I've studied Communism and live in California. Who knows what these goombahs will do to us next

    I don't think a Communist can do anything to you in California. I think people can do something to you in California. People can fly under any flag. The trick is to vote for what holds strong and true to you and if someone else should happen to get voted in... work hard for change. It is a surprisingly simple ideology that works extremely well here. I always vote for the best person for the job. ... regardless of political affiliation. True Communism and Free Market don't usually go hand in hand. One is based upon all being equal and the other is unfortunately based upon every man for himself. That's how it is in North America.

    I have to say that standing under the flag of Communism in this day and age is very strange. I thought we already squished that gig.

    California, Fish....the laughingstock of 49 other states.....anything is possible here.

    Well, if Bulgaria can get out from under the red boot of Communism I am certain it doesn't stand a chance in your beautiful part of the world. There is more money in LA alone than the entire country of Bulgaria. Wealthy people tend to get pretty ticked off when someone comes to take their stuff away. ... I don't think Communism will stick and I do believe the other 49 states will stick up for you. Napa Valley, Disney Land, Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco... You guys are winners. I can't imagine the lot of you driving around in Ladas.

    ......then, I won't burst your bubble!

    :D You are hilarious and beautiful. Should California succumb to Communism you are certainly welcome to live in the very Liberal province of British Columbia. It might be a painful shift in ideals but, you are strong enough to handle it.
    Other than that, the car... Lada looks pretty good in blue :D

    You guys also have all those lovely palm trees and a lot of ocean. Surfers can not be communists. It's completely impossible.

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