My children are expected to watch CNN in school everyday. When asked why we were told that liberals need to be heard too! This needs to stop and I Don't know how to proceed. Can you help? I'm sure parents have no idea whats going on in the public classrooms. We only asked questions during the election when my year old starting coming home with many liberal "views"!

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    ....use due process

    ....begin with teacher, then principal, superintendent and finally school board


    Maybe, after all else fails, a lawyer or lawyers will work.

    I'm a liberal. The only one that's answering questions on this site. I'm afraid it IS illegal. Even a democrat would find what you're writing as unfair and wrong. If your children ARE becoming liberals, it's because they woke up. You failed to say how old your child is. Not far from being of age I would guess....


    I receive weekly up dates and have received them the entire time my children have attended school. It seems quite alarmist to think or believe what happens in Canada does not happen in United States. I have found nothing to sway my thinking patterns. Politics and school does not mix unless a student is actually studying the subject on many levels and the subject is presented without bias.

    Your classrooms are definitely different than Canada's.  That is far over the top and not in any prescribed curriculum.  .... Very odd. 

    I work inside the school system in my country in a volunteer basis.  What you have just described is illegal.  If what you are explaining is actually happening, it should be reported.  If this is a social sciences class... that is a different story.  Objectivity may be the lesson of the day.  I actually had a course on that subject many moons ago.


    You need to share more.  No one is told to watch one type of news when studying.  As a student, you are taught to watch and read all of the news... and go from there.  That is what makes the subject of news exciting... and of course the research. 

    I can not imagine that very specific guidelines are not attached to your children's curriculum.  That idea is strange.   


    it's not illegal in the U.S. when I subbed in the H.S. in the 90s, they had the kids watch some form of the national news show every morning. But, CNN is biased and only provides one slant of the news, if you want to call it news.

    What falls into the policies of what should be deemed as correct policy in any school district is legal. Those subjects outside of school policies are illegal. People actually vote on school policy within any district in your country and mine and appoint with votes the people who represent us.

    I looked it up before answering knowing full well how our systems in Canada work. Yours work exactly the same way. We vote, we care.

    It's called brain washing.


    I don't think this is real. The modern and western world does take education seriously. Honestly, children are our most important subject and this question is not based in reality.

    I am a Mom and I can tell you, this question is fake. There is no way the education system of United States or Canada.... or many other countries will purposely let their students down. I don't believe it for one single minute.

    Brain washing is for, how many people will buy this lie.

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