What do you have as your screen saver?

    Oh, just a photo of my spinning wheel and yarn......

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    ....a starry night

    A picture of my wife's grandchildren.

    ocean picture.

    A tiny dragon.

    Just some stunning photography of the USA. Monument valley,That tower in Seattle and about 3 others.The screen changes from time to time.

    Emilie clarke from The Game of Thrones, always a pleasure to fire up the P.C.  :)

    My lock screen is a photo from my son's wedding. The current unlocked screen is daffodils, reminding me of my dad.

    My son in Victoria on Vancouver Island, eating an ice cream cone and waving.  He is wearing an orange fleecy and an orange baseball cap... his orange phase.  He favored green before that.  These days it is anything with sharks emblazoned on the front ... colour is not an issue.   

    a picture of a sunset, but I change it from time to time.

    On my cell phone, there is a pic of my sig other.- - -There used to be a pic of one cat or the other. On his cell, there is a pic of his dog when he was a puppy. 

    Wish I had a pic of my (deceased) boy  cat in my cell phone.  I miss him  :-( 

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